Finally a win

Anyone see the game tonight? (July 4th) What a great game all around and by #4

The final drive of the game by Calgary, had a total prevent defense all the way through to the copeland's td. I mean, what was the point? We basically said, throw the ball where you want it.

Yeah, I'm still scratching my head about how wide open Copeland was on his TD, but kudos to you guys for pulling out your first win of the season! I always like to see Calgary lose. Dinwiddie sure looks good, although you'll have to get Roberts on track eventually.

...I think the Bryant td. was the catch of the game....Kevin Glenn who???? This is the start of a career in the Peg. witnessed by 27,000 ..I believe... Go Dinner... go BigBlue.... :thup: :smiley:

The game for dramatic effect is long over due, since the GC loss, this is the one thing that gave back to the fans. . . FINALLY.

I was disheartened to see Canada smack D.Brown, (I guess Burris should have got in the way more.)

However, this victory was more for the fans deserving it, as much as Big Doug believes we like to think 'winning changes everything.' No, personally speaking, winning does nothing for me. I prefer unity over winning on any given day. The players were really showing sour until they actually showed up the first time in over half a year.

That's the real story line here folks.

Just got back and what a game. OOOO finally a full 60 minute effort by everyone.

Romby Bryant is an absolute stud.

Dinwiddie has matured nicely.

Berry got the challenge calls right.

Overall, win or lose, I'd be satisfied with a performance like that every night.

Good call pigs_eye. It took us game five only, but the fans tied this one on tonight, it was nice to watch happen.