finally! a GM who isn't afraid to cut guys!

I liked all the guys Katz brought in but some of them should have been chopped when the team reached 5 losses.

Desjardines brings the Montreal mentality with him: if a guy isn't playing healthy or great, axe him and get a hungrier guy in there. This isn't a country club, it's a football team. If you can't contribute, goodbye. Remember last year when Kevin Johnson was cut by the Als in favour of Garrison, and that move came out of nowhere? Those are the transactions that make a championship team. No one's job should be safe: not even an all-star MLB.

I liked Brooks and Myers but they weren't going to help the team being injured as seriously as they were.

Expect the chopping to continue, especially if we get steamrolled on labour day. And don't be surprised if some key guys are dealt to playoff teams for futures. It's "start fresh" time.

Its got to help the payroll, not having all those bodies hanging around.

Yeah, the new GM has no loyalties here.
If you can’t do the job…adios.
It’s either perform or someone else will be replacing you. :cowboy:

I like the new attitude I'm sensing here...


Should be great for season tickets sales next year!

You cant cut a guy who is injured ....

Yeah I think I heard that somewhere on here. People thought there was some sort of rule about it, I think. Apparently you can. I know it doesn’t seem nice or fair, but if they’re not going to be able to produce they’re going to be gone.

I’m pretty sure that the Coach makes most of these kinds of decisions so you guys might want to be praising Lancaster about not being afraid to cut players too :wink:

the team still has to pay for insurance and medical if i do recall...