Finally a Complete Team Effort -- Great Job

Awesome game, everyone was fired up, great COMPLETE game by all player's for 60 Minutes ... Intensity, Heart and 100% effort all around ---- Keep it up guys :rockin:

I can name a bunch of player's as it was a TEAM win but i would like to evaluate and mention a few:

Jyles ---- Didn't have huge numbers but managed the offense great all game, great accuaracy and patience in the pocket.

Fred Reid --- This is a joke but Fred should get the flu more often, what a monster game for him, bounced off tackles and kept going, something he has not been doing often. Ths may put the Bernard lovers at bay for now.

The OLINE --- Best game by far, Douglas showed us that he is a great Oline player, the rest of the line played awesome as well, 0 sacks (i believe) and Jyles had alot of time.

Reciever's --- No BIG drops, great game by a guy that i have questioned in the past, Chris Davis, great job. Bowman had some monster blocks and Edwards was a leader as usual, great job.

Defensive --- What can you say about Hunt, Willis, Smith and Brown these guys are monsters and quite possibly the best DLINE inthe league, the secondary played great, Suber had monster game on D and on Teams, Lobo made great plays, Kent and M.Bowman played good and another guy i criticized Glover had a great game.

Special Teams --- When played on defense thi guy played great as well but was a monster on special teams, Merril Johnson had the biggest hits of the game.

Great game BY ALL ---- Keep it up guys, bring on T.O ---

Yes, this one was great to see. The Argos now seem well within reach...too bad we don't play Hamilton again (until the East semi! :thup: ).

It may be my imagination but I think this was more of a genuine statement game than opening day against Hamilton. We've got some of our guys back, Sask wasn't missing many of theirs, and we took it to them for 60 minutes. Here's some serious momentum to build on.

.....WOW.....we finally showed we're a club that can put it all together....Great call by Lapo on offence....and Kavis Reed has to get some kudos....he also called a great game....Riders looked like a team in disarray when we finished with them...Durant took a pounding and Szarka is still looking for the truck that ran him over....POW ..what a shot.... :rockin: Jyles is looking more comfortable every time out and Fred X finally got some holes to get him past the los...Great game by Freddie :thup: Is Davis making a case for him sticking? i think so.....nice grabs...this kid has game...Don't know what he was doing in the endzone after his td. :roll: He's a good receiver that really doesn't need the antics...I believe we came out of this one injury free..that's a switch

....Note for arte /rider fan .. I'd say the coaching came under scrutiny today...Berry looked stunned and Lapo looked very competent and excited after the win....I think we''l stick with Paul....he'll work out just fine here :wink:

This game to me is the real Bombers. This has got to be the first game in ages where we've had almost all of the same starters two games in a row. We only had three changes to the starting line-up period today and for the first time in ages we had more starters coming back from injury instead being out. We need to keep playing like this. It was, as you said, a complete team effort for 60 minutes.

Ha ha, Bombers put the boots to them today.

Our lines were dominant today, that was some kind of effort from them. Almost a perfectly played game, including getting the breaks.

Gotta keep it going though to dig themselves out of the hole they are in.

Well, you kicked our @$$ today!

Probably the best game for the Bombers in 5 years. Excellent. They played with real conviction. Their move starts now.

That was fun to watch. Hard to believe this team can play like this in week one and today and be 3-7. You guys should catch Toronto.

....Hunt and Willis are beasts on the d line....Teams are still doubling-up on Doug Brown but are now paying the price...IF you let one of those guys (hunt/willis) loose in the backfield they can wreak a lot of havoc....Great game by the d :thup: :rockin:

It was an awesome atmosphere at the old stadium, great game and the defense pitched a shutout. This team is finally showing that they can compete with the best (Saskatchewan 180 yards TOTAL offense) and i think Lapo has found the right combination on defense and with players like Douglas coming off injury we'll only get better yet, TJH should be back in 2-4 games and a few other players.

As predicted T.O is on a slide and up next is us, the inexperience of the Argo's is showing and i really don't expect them to win many more games this season if we can keep winning we should beat out T.O, next week we will see what both teams are made of .... GO BOMBERS!!

Good win for the Bombers, but if you have your opponent's coaches & they haven't changed their off. or def. schemes much, you're going to have a decisive strategic advantage that you won't have against any other club. Toronto next week will be a good test to see where we're really at as a team.

I can't ever remember being so uncertain about an entire division this far into the season.
Toronto: wtf? They looked like a lock for 2nd and maybe 1st after Calvillo bruised his sternum, then self destruct against Hamilton & BC. They look destined to finish at 9-9 (2nd?).
Hamilton: Pull off 2 surprise wins against TO and then crap out against Montreal. They could lose the next 8 games or run the table; neither would surprise me.
Montreal: Looked like they wouldn't win another game after AC got injured, but McPherson has demonstrated that he can probably play well enough for the Als to hold off Ham. & TO; we'll see.
Winnipeg: The wild card?!? They play every team tough & if they manage to squeak into the playoffs (East or West), who is going to want to play these guys? Nobody!

Awesome display by the Blue. Jyles the future of this club. Defence looks on par with Calgary as the best in the league. Makes for a great last half of the season. Bombers should win at least 5 of 8 going home and be in the playoffs. still can't believe they are done with Hamilton, would have made for some key games down the stretch. Good on ya Bombers and fans. Electric atmosphere watching on T.V.

Thanks TB, nothing like having the leagues two best fans in the same stadium two games in a row, hats off to the Rider fans for not taking this joke too serious :lol: It was a fun week, great fans and a great atmosphere on Sunday!! :rockin:

Hello All,

Just got through watching the game that I DVRd. Great win by the Bombers!. I become a bigger fan of the CFL every week, and I look forward to getting to see a game live, hopefully next year. Was glad to see the team come together with fire and passion, and I hope it carries on for the rest of the season. Just wanted to give my two cents worth..

How to have a perfect football weekend:

  1. USC Trojans (my alma mater) wins
  2. The Philadelphia Eagles (My hometown team) wins
  3. The Blue Bombers (My adopted CFL team) wins

Got two out of three this past weekend. I guess that is pretty good!

David've got the right team up here :thup: :rockin: