Finally a Care Taker update ... Bob About Time..

I Really Missed these updates..
I like Hearing from Our Care Taker ..

Hay Bob
Why Take Care Taker up date into the new age
Video Via I Hear thier Owner is great Guy..

Thank For the update.

Box J 4 24

Could anyone ask for a better owner than Bob? He's the reason I became a seasons ticket holder.

Based on Bob's enthusiasm for the 07 season perhaps he should consider moving the May 9th event from Hamilton Place to Copps Coliseum?

why does bob say this :

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But here's a quiz: When was the last time the Tiger-Cats owned their own building in Hamilton? We cannot find a record of this ever being the case. We play and practice in Ivor Wynne that we rent from the City, and we've rented office space downtown in the past, but we don't have any records of the Tiger-Cats ever owning their own space - but our records are far from complete. If you know the answer to this one, please let us know.

The other event I'm looking forward to is the upcoming Tiger-Cat Kick-Off event coming up in a few weeks...

is this just reference to thier new jarvis st home?


is this a teaser of some great upcomming news? because he mentions this kick-off event in the next breath, which is supposed to have some BIG news.

im probably grasping at straws, but, a NEW Stadium announcement comes to mind :oops:

is this just reference to thier new jarvis st home?
Yes. Stadiums cost way too much.

Ockham Well said I renewed my season tickets for Bob's enthusiasm and this is still the best place to watch football

best place to watch football HAMILTON
Try in Canada!

A new stadium model after I.W(the best place to wach football anywere!)-But High tech, with virtual action reaction seating, that shudder and shake , when TiCats Sack op QB,S :thup: :stuck_out_tongue:

Great update! Thanks!