Finally a bald headed head coach in the CFL (Ottawa)

I remember when that one dude for Hamilton (who sucked) was kept around because he had a full head of hair, which in my opinion was done to appease the female fans in the CFL. I think his name was Marcel Bellefeuille.

Looks like the CFL is looking for results this year in Ottawa.

Curious how the women will react in Ottawa next fall.


…moderators continue to investigate whether alcohol is suspected to be a factor in the creation of this thread…

It won’t be pretty. They’ll stay away in droves.


Well BuffaloBob, it is being reported (by Dave Naylor) that Scott Milanovich is likely to become the next Head Coach of the Eskimos. I believe he is follicly-challenged like Paul LaPolice.

I guess we’ll get to test your theory…once I figure out what that theory actually is.

Put the bottle down Bob :wink: ;D

Hate to tell ya there B-Bob but the Cats won 16 games last year with a bald headed guy as their HC .
Oh and the guy who lost the East Final to our bald headed guy ? Well guess what ? Yup that’s right another bald headed guy . Actually speaking about coaches and hair if you take the Grey Cup winning hobo like looking O’Shea out of the equation you probably have more coaches with no hair than coaches with even a bit of hair let alone ones that have as you say a nice looking full head of hair . ;D

Gee I hope this helps in whatever it is you are trying to say in this thread . ??? :-\ :smiley:

Are you saying a bald man can’t be attractive?! >:(



I wanted Kelly to get the job. He was available after leaving his post at Div. III Widener College:

I did not realize he left his post last season.

Good one Bobo!

Head coaching vacancies are being filled without any mention of Mike Kelly (former Blue Bomber and Widener College head coach) being in the running.

What the f—?

I always thought Campbell was bald or balding .