Final West Standings

So, the west is a little confusing, so I though I would offer my suggestions/ and offer to clear things up going into this weekends game.

  1. A Calgary win means they host the West Final (Only Edmonton can beat them in the tie breaker, Sask split the series but Calgary scored more points, B.C. has lost 2 games already this season vs Calgary)
  2. An Edmonton loss means they are going to crossover and play the bombers. (Puts Calgary and Sask out of reach for a tie season , series vs B.C. was split 2-2 with B.C. scoring 3 more points then Edmonton total)

Should Edmonton win, they would beat Sask in the season series. The only way Edmonton is able to host a playoff game is if the Argos win their last 2 games, with a little help from Calgary beating BC.

My Final Standings


Good analysis, Mulder, Skulley would be proud! :wink: :wink:

I'll Go:


Well I hate to jinx it but
I am going to go.
Calgary > I have a feeling the boys can win this time in Hamilton unless they give it away leaving one more game vs the Lions if they fail
BC > I think they will either be in first or second but most likely second. Is Buck still sore in the shoulders this may change if he is hurting.
Edmonton > I really like to see them in the crossover but I have a feeling they are going to end up third and may be the surprise of all of them.
Saskatchewan > The thing that makes me think they will crossover is the messing with the qb's this late in the season. Not sure what the heck Miller is doing and this may be the disruption that hurts them. ifthey do go to the east they just might end up in the GC game.

have to agree with R&W05.

Doesn't Saskatchewan have Edmonton at home and then Toronto on the road? I can definitely see them winning at least one of those games, which means Edmonton would have to bat the Riders in Regina, and then beat the Als in Edmonton. I like Saskatchewan's odds more.

The interesting game is the Sakatchewan Edmonton match up, with the loser being the winner. The Riders have their third string QB in the game already, this could be a very comical game with both teams doning their level best to lose.

Actually, there is one drawback to the "easier" route the GC game, and that is the Montreal Alouettes. Both team were hammered by Als at home, so if either Edmonton or Saskatchewan get by the Bombers, they will face a tougher test the next week.

I really disagree with this. The Riders still have a shot at 2nd place if they win both of their games and the Lions lose one. I think they will be fighting hard to win this game. I don't think going through the east will be any easier for any team. Facing Montreal at home in the east final will be just as tough or tougher than facing the Stamps in Calgary.

I think the reason some thinks it's easier in the East is that they are assuming the trip to Winnipeg is a buy to the East final, while going to B.C. Sask or Edmonton would provide more of a challenge.

Well, that's probably fair. Of the six teams in the playoffs, who would you rather play than Winnipeg?

None of the other teams would worry me if they were playing in Regina. Edmonton would be tough because of the ice rink that they play on in November. B.C. is tough because their P.A. Announcer urges the crowd to make noise whenever the visiting team leaves the huddle (illegal) and then they pump in crowd noise at 10 on their volume control through the stadium speakers(illegal). The actual team doesn't worry me to much but the noise makes it tough. So yeh if 2nd is out of the question then Winnipeg is the place to go. But 2nd and then go to Calgary is the preference. Calgary is pretty much a home game for the Riders in the noise department.

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We do not pump the sound from the crowd through the loudspeakers, it's loud because it's an enclosed stadium and the crowd noise echoes back onto the field instead of going off into the air like in open stadiums.

It's not illegal to urge the crowd to make noise before the play starts. We've been playing in BC Place for 25 years now, you think if we were doing anything illegal the league would allow it?

I was at the last 2 West finals. I KNOW it happens. 3 or 4 times whoever controls the thing made mistakes and turned it on at the wrong time. They were T.V. timeouts and the crowd is sitting on their hands and all of a sudden a deafening chorus of boos starts flooding the place for a couple of seconds. No there is nothing wrong with a MASCOT inducing crowd noise but the public P.A. guy is not allowed to do it. Tillman made a point of pointing that out in the papers last year and said he would be reffering it to the league head office. Maybe that's why it isn't happening now.