final weeks of regular season

Looking ahead, the most interesting games seem to involve Winnipeg and Toronto. At stake, first and second positions in the east divison to be determined. Fans of those teams are surely excited and nervous.

Meanwhile in the west, playoff positions may be finalized soon. Then BC, Saskatchewan and Calgary can afford to relax in the luxury of losing meaningless games.

Saskatchewan is not in a meaningless game Nov. 3. If the Argos win Saturday and Winnipeg wins next Friday, the Argo -Sask game will decide first in the east.

Of course, remaining games are still important for Toronto and Winnipeg. But for western teams, they may be insignificant.

when the lions beat the ticats this weekend, they clinch 1st in the west.

therefore, making the argo-rider game meaningless to sask....and will probably rest up thier starters that game.

If the Argos lose to Winnipeg this weekend, it will be meaningless game for them as well, as the Bombers will have clinched 1st in the East.

Nothing is carved in stone. I keep waking up in a cold sweat from a nighmare....Newspaper Headlines.."Printer's haunts former team."

As someone said they play 18 regular season games.