Final week of pre-season action kicks off Friday night

TORONTO – CFL action returns on Friday night as the second week of pre-season football is set to kick off with four games scheduled.

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Have we ever seen 4 games (albeit pre season) in a single day before? My memory isn't the best (an understatement) but I don't recall ever seeing them do this before.

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In 1994, there were three such days: June 29, Oct. 16 and Oct. 29
In 1995 there were three such days: July 22, Aug. 18 and Aug 26

But keep in mind the CFL had more teams back then: 12 teams in 1994 and 13 teams in 1995.


1994/95, no wonder I don't remember! Good homework thereπŸ‘

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We'll get to see some starting players that teams have left off so far. These will be the final "no meaning" games.

BC fans will finally see their controversial starting QB play some snaps, no doubt with the rest of the "A-Team" offensive line.

For BC fans it should be encouraged that the specific receivers that Rourke speaks about most kindly are not Whitehead or Burnham, or even Rymes, but rather Hatcher and Crokett. I think Nathan has developed a little friendship with Hatcher, which is good for chemistry. After all, we know what Whitehead and Burnham can do. Don't expect Hatcher to get cut after the game, I guess that is what I'm saying. Crockett earned some good points in their first pre-season game.

I'm curious about the front four on defense. With Barron not around and the "Stove" out, we'll see a little on what little improvements still stream up with the rest.

The starting DBs of the lions look good but don't think you'll see them all playing at the same time tonight, at least for more than a play or two.

There is still much to evaluate. And this is a "nothing game" so the Lions - like any team - will take the advantage of seeing all that they have. Give everyone an opportunity. You never know...

Ok, instead of "hunting and poking", I ran some code. There have been lots of instances of 4 games in a day.

For example, on July 13, 2010:

  • Montreal - Winnipeg
  • Hamilton - Toronto
  • BC - Saskatchewan
  • Calgary - Edmonton

And this seemed to happen a few times in the 90s, 80s and the first half of the seventies.

But amazingly, I found a day with FIVE games in one day: July 15, 1965. For reference, go to the bottom of this page: 1965 CFL Season Schedule & Scores

  • Winnipeg - Ottawa
  • Edmonton - Toronto
  • Saskatchewan - BC
  • Saskatchewan - Calgary
  • Calgary - BC

As near as I can tell, Saskatchewan, BC and Calgary played 30 minute games against each other that day.

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That's actually a bit on the bizarre side (Twilight Zone stuff almost). Could only happen all in one city. Could be a story there CFL.CA.
And another thing there shows 1965 had 17 pre season games vs this years 9. Very interesting.