Final vs Lions

[qoute="Punter"] "The only two issues I see is a) pass protection and b) tackling. If the o-line can protect Ray, and the d can shut down Harris in the short passing game, Edmonton wins this one easily".[/qoute]

Good analysis Punter; thus include the Lulay shovel pass among other second scenes (on game film study) implimented by Chapdelaine on the stop watch. A return game TD would be a treat to the house too.

The shovel pass must be your favourite play. :lol: :cowboy:

Hope the Esks don't get burned on it; otherwise..... Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water :frowning:

Messam is unfortunately out which is a huge dynamic taken out of the equation on our offense. I do however have great faith in Hugh Charles and Calvin McCarty and i could potentially see some HB screens put into the offense this week with Charles. Also some double back sets out of the shotgun as well with both excellent at pass catching which would allow play action and even double play action out of the gun.

I agree: Losing Messam hurts, but we do have quality back-ups. We just need to move the ball and put up points. No more scoreless quarters.

Hugh Charles was signed on October 12th- fast forward 25 days to Nov.6th, thus Messam is reported to have back/muscle spasm issues (doesn't have anything to do with the knee injury from the Calgary game). I could be wrong on this, but Tillman made a pitch/trade with Sask. to get Charles in Edmonton; the club may have knew then there was physical issues with Messam at that time as he did take pounding hits on numerious occasions? All in all I'm glad we have a RB in Hugh Charles to step up and give it his best; as for blocking duties..? "FAITH" as is already pointed out in the above Quote.

Thanks Edmonton on the 12-8 season - was an improved ride from last years 7-11 edition.