Final USports Football rankings/ratings

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Regina and Calgary were damn good teams in 2021 (sort of like the bottom teams in the SEC that can manhandle top teams in other conferences). Their records are deceiving.

I said this before, but I still think USports football should permanently be a spring/summer sport.

There will be no competition for viewership.

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School year from September to April.

Won't be possible for an 8 game season let alone a 10 game one.

April??? For real?!

That's correct.

Final exams happen at that time.

Unless that's changed.

Been over 25 years since I've been to college.

Here in Ohio, schools can start playing games in the fall before classes start. I noticed the late September start in USports.

They do start around Labour Day weekend with Ontario (due to 11 teams in the conference and 6 teams entering the playoffs from there) will start upto and no earlier than 2 weeks before classes start.

June, July and August are challenging for amateur and youth sports as fields aren't necessarily available due to city by-laws.

Nope, current university student, can confirm that finals are in April. Most schools do remain open for summer classes (depending on the school it's either one term from May-June and one from July-August, or it's a whole semester from May-August), but there are far fewer students at the school for the summer term(s)

When is the snow gone there? April?

The college World Series baseball tournament is in June. What's wrong with the football team playing shortly after the school year ends going into summer school?

When I was referring to Ohio, that was in reference to the NCAA schools not high school. The USports football schools would be practicing and playing their fellow USports teams on their own campus field/stadium not at some city park.

Kids work in the spring /summer starting in May they have exams in April

They use the break to pay for university and some use it to do summer placements for school .

The fall time period is for football in university they actually start up before school does in late August for training camp .

Ok, but you just explained the same issues facing the NCAA (baseball that is) and yet the format works.

NCAA play fall football .