Final two games of the CFL season

These last two games will be most interesting to watch.

Toronto's season is finished and yet they can still make the playoffs….IF…. Montreal beats Hamilton on Saturday Nov 08.

Edmonton has the luxury of actually choosing which opponent it wants to meet in the Western Semi-Final. Lose to SSK and the Esks meet SSK in the Semi-Final. The Lions go east. If the Esks beat SSK then the Esks meet the Lions in the Western Semi and SSK goes east.

Now then….. Does the coaching staff have a preference? Do the players? Nobody likes to think [or perhaps admit] that sometimes a teams' effort is based on who it thinks it has a better chance of beating in the the playoff game.

If the Esks believe the Lions pose a greater threat in the Semi then it just may be that the Esks will do their best to make sure they beat SSK. Of course if the Esks would rather meet SSK in the semi then I would imagine…. oh dare I say it?
But heaven forbid, no team would ever play half heartedly in an attempt to stack the odds in its favour and determine which team it wants to meet in the Semi-Final…………… or would it? :wink:

Officially, the Esks players and coaching staff will go on record and most likely say: " We don't care who we meet in the Semi. We can beat either the Lions or SSK on any given day."

But unofficially? I would imagine mischievous thoughts can't be ruled out. :wink:

Beagle. As long as you make the dance anything can happened. Sometimes its better that you play your best to be honest with you if you were Edmonton. I can see if you resting some of your players from injuries but to choose who you want to play will just give either SSK or B.C more insentive for the playoffs.
Imo both team have alot of pride and have something to prove. I believe B.C would want another shot after being humiliated in Edmonton and will have what do we have to lose mentality.
SSK on the other hand have the weapons to hurt any team if they take them lightly. They are still the defending Grey Cup Champions. And like any other team with a title they will not go down easily.

You think with the Esks terrible home crowds this year that they would want the Riders so that they could make some money.

The Esks have had a great year and an entertaining team - the crowds have been embarrassing for the once flagship of the CFL - 3 crowds under 30,000 - take out the Labor Day classic, the free tickets to students back to school promotion and the riders showing up in Edmonton the attendance was really a major concern . I don't think their president coming from selling hockey equipment to now leading a CFL team really has a handle on the pulse of the Esks and how to promote - advertise - and create that environment to want to be part of the fan base and be at the game - for all of who have been at Commonwealth stadium it is fantastic rates up there with almost anything in the NfL with all it's perks - for fans and players - just the field house cost about as much as the new Tim Hortons Field And there was not even one peep over it - the city expects to have facilities like that - a major league facility - team - but apparently minor league vision and direction by upper management. Time to treat the Esks as a professional venture not a Junior B hockey team - they certainly have the money to do it - if Riders come to Edmonton they will bring 10,000 to 15,000 additional fans with them - it sure looks good on TV as we watch across the nation -

If Hamilton wins but by less than 7. We would gladly welcome the Saskatoonees. It's only fair We give them an early exit.

Constant negative posts like this make you sound like a Rogers/NFL shill trying to undermine the CFL

If the Eskimo's are leading the league in attendance and their crowds are embarrassing, what does that say for the rest of the league? Yes they had 3 games with slightly less that 30K but they also had 3 games with over 40K. I'm not embarrassed at all.

As for who the Eskimo's would like to meet in the West Semi, I would say that they would want to meet BC. Nothing whatsoever to do with the opponent, I say that totally because playing BC means the Eskimo's won today. Carrying momentum into the playoffs is huge and losing that momentum is not an option.

In regards to Edmonton's attendance you need to factor in a few things.
One its cold. A lot more people would rather stay home and watch in the comforts of home.
Two. With the knowledge of attendance at games being down across all sports. 30K in 1980 is not the same as 30K in 2014. You need to take into account all of the levels of premium seating now. A nice chunk of that 30K are filling the premium seating areas which cost a bit more but come with perks for comfort.
Not an excuse but rather just a reality. Almost all CFL clubs have built or renovated stadiums to meet the needs of what the modern day sports fan is looking for.
As someone mentioned Commonwealth is a top notch venue so you would need to give the Esks as well as other clubs a Grade of A, for meeting the needs of the fans now.