Final TiCat cuts from 3down

The following 16 players have been released:
INT – WR – Jarvis Baxter
INT – OL – Casey Blaser
INT – DE – Roman Braglio
INT – DT – Malik Forrester
INT – WR – Chris Hubert
NAT – DT – Jack McEwen
INT – QB – Bryant Moniz
INT – DB – DaQuan Pace
INT – WR/KR – Willie Quinn III
INT – DB – Joel Ross
INT – WR – Nathan Ross
INT – WR – Shakeir Ryan
NAT – WR – Jacob Scarfone
INT – OL – Ryan Schmidt
INT – DB – Dwayne Thomas
NAT – LB – Akeem Whonder

No shocking cuts really, but I would bet Scarfone gets one of the PR spots.

I was wrong:

The following 10 players have been added to the practice roster:
INT – WR – Damarr Aultman
NAT – WR – Justin Buren
INT – LB – Jerome Couplin III
INT – OL – Avery Jordan
INT – WR – Rashad Lawrence
NAT – WR – Mitch O’Connor
INT – DL – Lynden Trail
INT – LB – Lucas Wacha
NAT – DL – Brett Wade
INT – DB – Jaleel Wadood

The following three players are returning to their University teams:
NAT – WR – Marcus Davis (UBC)
NAT – LB – Mike Moore (Queen’s)
NAT – OL – Joel Van Pelt (Calgary)

So. we still have 65 players in the room, meaning 9 more will be put on one of the injured lists before Game 1. Chambers (not included in the 65) is the only name on an injured list (6 Game) right now.

By my count, of the 65 players noted above, 24 (37%) did not dress for any Ti-Cat regular season game last year. That's quite a turnover, considering that our emphasis, in free-agency, was to sign our own.

Jones is simply transitioning from Austin guys to his guys. Luckily most of Austin's guys are still the foundation.

  1. Right....Austin guys like Abdul Kenneh !! ::slight_smile:

Who is the new kick returner ?!

According to Drew's projected depth chart it looks like it will be #37 Frankie Williams . He was the one who returned a punt to the house for a TD in game 1 against the Arblows last week . He also showed well in the secondary in both preseason games . My guess is that he will probably be the main primary returner with another newcomer #74 Wilkerson also getting some time as well in the return department .