Final third of the season

The Ti-Cats are 2-10, with six games left.
From my view of the sked, the team could possibly (possibly!) win two or three of the final six-pack, and finish the season at 4-14 or 5-13.
Horrible any way you look at it.
Forget next week in Hogtown, but the following back-to-back against the Eskimos should truly show Ti-Cat brass which players are committed to turning things around in 2007 and which players should be cut loose.
Of course, why Lancaster hasn't yet been turfed is a mystery to most of us on the West Coast. Marshall is gone, Paopao is gone. But Lancaster remains.
If these past couple of seasons don't prove that Ron Lancaster is indeed the Lancaster of the 1980s, 2-14 Roughriders and NOT the Lancaster who was gifted with Eskie teams a corpse could coach and manage to a Cup, then nothing will.
Anyway, your team has a shot against the Evil Empire and a shot against Winnipeg. Not, alas, in the twinbill remaining against the 2006 Grey Cup champions B.C. Lions.
And while true Lionbackers will never forget (or forgive) Angelo Mosca's crime against humanity in the form of Willie Fleming, we do wish a semblence of success to teams that do not wear the moss and yellow (we refuse to say green and gold, for reasons that extend back to the Western Final of 1977 and involve the maddening smirk of Hugh Campbell, but I digress).
So, I have no idea what the hell is wrong with your club, but, as a CFL fan, I would love to see ab Eastern Conference with more competitiveness, if only to further solidy the health of a league still reeling from losing Ottawa.
Is Maas really this bad? Was the offensive co-ordination team really that daft? Will owner Bob stick with the club or clean house?
In any event, here's hoping the Tabby fans keep trekking out to Ivor Wynne. If for nothing else, make it out when the Leos hit town. Dave or Buck or Jarius will amaze.

Yes, I'll be sure to be excited about the Leos coming to town and watching them rape my ticats 53-2.

Its time to give us battered, bruised and embarrassed fans some space and not patrionizing speeches trying to make us feel better.

This season is done, scrapped, forgotten about already. Im excited for next year when Marcel Desjardins can make this HIS team...his coach, his QB, his game.

Until then I wont be going to any more games or getting excited when watching them on TV.
But I will come back next year.
Bob Young is the most passionate caring owner in this league. His interview on TSN really put a smile on my face and was one of the VERY few times I was proud to be a Cats fan this year.

Possibly win two or three of the final six?


This team (I use the term loosely) could not beat a peewee football team if the peewee football team spotted the TiCats a 30 point lead. Udderly embarassing!


After what I have sat through this season you wanna suggest we win a couple more this year!

No wonder your team has been a joke for so long. With attitudes like these, the Tabby players must be soaking in the loser vibes by osmosis. We should give Quebec City your franchise, bring Ottawa back - and by doing so, would increase the fan base attitude by 100 per cent.
This sentiment is about as pathetic as retaining boozy old Lancaster on the payroll.
Maybe it's time to bring back that overweight kicker from years gone by. Ozzy might only be good from 20 yards, but his jelly rolls jiggling under the skin-tight, puke-yellow and dirt Ti-Cat jersey would be worth the price of admission.
Better yet, bring back Doughnut McManus for a tour of duty. Can't be any worse than the Ricky Ray junior now scarring the legacy of Tom Clements and . . er . . . well, that's about it.
Oskee weenies, indeed.

Don’t forget last year’s second half of the season.

The Ti-Cats were a .500 team going 5-5 after an 0-8 start.

The fans are the last group you should blame. You can not fault the fans for showing frustration when we are subjected to the worse football ever played.

Your previous comments with respect to Lancaster were bang on. The first mistake was firing Marshall, the second and worse mistake was putting the Old General in charge. The players obviously do not want to play for him.

They might win a game or two. Its a long shot and alot depends on whether their opponents want to play. The Cats from the West might have first place locked up and might play some third or forth stringers. By the way I have noticed an abundance of quarterbacks in B.C. - how would you like the rights to a young Canadian Running Back for Pierce or the rights to Printers.

As much as I hate to admit it, I think the best we can do is win another 1 or 2 games...that's it...only if at the end of the year we're playing a few teams who are "practising" for the playoffs. And, quite frankly, I don't expect even that!

Baby steps first bobby, first 1 or 2 touchdowns, then perhaps a win will follow.

True to that, Earl!

I don't expect to win anything.
but I might be at ivor wynne in the near future.. for the pure comedic value of the eskimos game, and maybe sommore. Maybe because I don't think it can get any worse.