Final TC/Preseason/Roster Reactions or Predictions?

  1. Jermaine Jamison (WR)- simply... CUT!:

Dropped about 3 open/gimmes, including an endzone pass from LeFors. Not a guy that stepped up his play, and the only one that really looked bad out there.

  1. Tyler Donovan (QB) - Released

The odd man out in the QB huddle, it seems to me.

  1. Warren Kean (K/P) - Released

I've heard nothing about him being injured, so Prefontaine/Schiavone getting all the K/P duties in preseason leads me to suspect that he'll be an odd man out as well. I think its still an open question as to what will happen with Schiavone and Prefontaine, if they'll split the duties (most likely IMO), or just one will get the prize.

  1. RBs.... I think Anderson has the top job, they'll keep both AJ Harris and Ron McClendon, and give Ron a shot to take the #2 spot when he's off the aches and pains list. I have to think though, that if he was going to be as valuable at RB as he apparently has been selling tickets, he'd have proved something by now, the last couple years he's been here.

  2. I'm surprised Stokes got absolutely no time on the field/nothing tossed their way at Commonwealth, IIRC he was in the lineup against CGY. Might not be a job for him here if Jackson keeps stepping up on returns and some of the rookie SBs are judged to have done enough in preaseason....

  3. Receivers in general... I don't see why we would keep Brock Ralph. I think the Esks should trying lining up a taller-looking SB like Stamps on that outside WR position, or one of the rookies like Kelly Campbell or even better Kevin Challenger, who is another NI and already listed as a wide-out with Nowacki.

Thats my two, very uninformed cents. Would love to hear predictions/analysis from Esks fans who know the game and how these decisions are made alot better than I do....

Well, unfortunately living in London, I can’t go to any of the games, so I’m not sure how much I could add.

I’m surprised to see you think Kean will be cut. But I guess if he hasn’t gotten any playing time… It’s just odd because last season they were grooming him to replace Fleming.

I just don't know what else to conclude from it.... Prefontaine did all the kickoffs and converts, he and Schiavone alternated on FGs, and IIRC punting. Grooming last season or not, I don't see where he fits in to Eskimo plans.

Well, you called Kean.

But I'm a little surprised to see they also cut AJ Harris. From what I heard, he was supposed to be good. And his pre-season stats didn't look that bad.

79 yards rushing on 12 attempts, 6.6 average. 33 yards receiving on 3 catches, and 1 TD.

We cut him... but it looks like we kept a bunch of other RB's that I didn't even know we had. Damien Anderson is the only guy I recognize... :expressionless:

I am positively shocked that Schiavone got the chop as well? What the heck do the Esks do if Prefontaine aggravates one of those recurring injuries from last season? Are they counting on Sean Fleming to be able to come in for any length of time at any moment's notice?

Harris, well... this team has not been known for strong running game anyway since Pringle retired.

Loftus is the other shocker to me, didn't the coaches review the film on last season's returnees? There were some great hits delivered by Loftus last season....

According to Edmonton’s website, he’s still on the practice roster. So either we still have him, sort of, or that roster hasn’t been updated yet. But I agree, putting it all on Prefontaine doesn’t seem like a wise idea.

You know, you’d think a team out of the playoffs for 2 years would want to fix something like that. We had one decent year with Troy Davis. Other than that, we haven’t had a good back… or at least a full season with a good back since 2004.

Damien Anderson better be one hell of a back.

Schiavone is indeed on the practice roster should Prefontaine get injured. And in the paper the other day, Maciocca claims that if Anderson gets injured at any time throughout the year, that Harris will only be a phone-call away(despite the fact that he is NOT on our practice roster).

That doesn't make any sense... Why didn't we just cut one of the other no-name RBs we have and keep Harris?

Apparently we've resigned Harris? I still don't know why we cut him in the first place...

I think Harris did more than come back, he stole Anderson's job entirely.

And I'm glad. Edmonton FINALLY has a running back. Anderson wasn't going to do anything.