Well, it looks as though the Lions made out this year with the best receivers, best RB, best sack machine, best ball hawk, best record, biggest gap in the positive between points for and points against...blah blah blah....need I go on?

Is there any doubt about which team is number 1? Hell no! After Sask gets absolutely destroyed today there is no doubt. Like they say, good team find a way to win and thats what the lions did all year! Lets hope this continues through the playoffs.

Who said the lions werent the team to beat?


I think I'll wait until the playoffs are over before I gloat to much myself.

I'm with pennw... all these acheivements are nice but they mean almost nothing unless we win the cup. (Although, I have to say that I was extremely happy for Geroy for taking the receiving crown!)

That was the regular season gloat, it is done and the results are in. Nothing there can bite me in the ass. My key phrase was "Lets hope this continues through the playoffs." I was careful to make sure my gloat was bullet proof :smiley:

When you have the best record and so many of the best players and the cup currently, you are the team to beat....doesnt mean they will win the cup by any stretch but Im hoping!