Final stats for 2010 season

Some observations on individual stats, now that the last game has been played


  • Great numbers for Glenn: 2nd in yardage, 2nd in TDs. Rankings slightly aided by decisions of other teams to rest their starters at the end of the season.
  • I'll bet this is the first time that every team's top QB completed more than 60% of his passes.


  • Nice to see Fantuz claim the yardage crown. I wonder when the last time was that it went to a Canadian?
  • We could make a case that Bruce would have won the title had he stayed healthy. But I think there are others at the top of the list who also missed some games (e.g. Dressler).
  • All things considered, with all the guys that are bunched close together in yardage (only 210 yards separating #10 from #1), the names that stand out are Bryant and Edwards, based on the number of TDs they scored.


  • Congrats to Cobb on finishing 4th in yardage after a pretty ordinary first half of the season. Another interesting tidbit: he is one of only three RBs (with Reid & Reynolds) to rush for 1,000 yards for the past two consecutive seasons.
  • It's good to see that Boyd didn't get the yardage title. You hate to see good things happen to an Argo. And with only 6 TDs on the year it's pretty hard to make a case for him as MOP, given some of the great rushing performances we've seen over the years that have not been rewarded with that honour. If Toronto had a decent passing attack, they wouldn't have had to rely so much on the RB.
  • Daniel Porter came out of nowhere to finish #11 in yardage with 603 in just 6 games (of which he only started 4). He wasn't even added to the practice roster until Sept 15 of this year. The talent is out there ...


  • Jamall Johnson made a run at top spot with 101 but fell 3 short of Barrin Simpson. Still a great number, and not far off of last year's team record 108.

Fumble recoveries

  • Knowlton leads the league with 6. Next best is 4.
  • Baggs has 3, including two for TDs to lead the league in that category.

Field goals

  • Great season by McCallum - 88% accuracy at age 40! Following in the footsteps of other kickers who seemed to get better with age.
  • Turns out Palardy is a better kicker than he was a punter.
  • DeAngelis looks average among starting kickers with 76% accuracy, but that's not so bad compared to others in the past. However, stats were likely helped by decision of coached not to test him on long FGs.

Combined yards

  • They've stopped publishing combined yardage stats - yards from scrimmage and return yards are only shown as separate categories. It's just as well, since Chad Owens wins the title hands down.
  • Great rookie season by Thigpen with over 1,700 return yards.

"Average" might be stretching it for DeAngelis. Better percentages from McCallum, Palardy, Prefonatine, Shiavone, Maver, Medlock and Congi. He did top Duval, though, who was only 72.3%

Worth mentioning -- The HAM O-Line gave up fewer sacks than any other in the league. The top 4 in ST Tackles all have Hamilton "connections"-- Mariuz and Beswick with 22 and 21 respectively weren't far behind the leader Crawford 26 and Giffin 23. Also, Wilbur had the 4th best punting Avg.@ 43.0, topped only by Dales 45.6, Duval 45.0 and Johnson 43.5.

I was trying to be nice

Where did the Cats end up in QB sacks?

We gave up the fewwest (26) and the defence finished tied for 2nd with 46, Winnipeg had 51.

All the stats can be found here: ... 113215.pdf

Nice summary ExPat, with one correction:
Zeke Moreno set the Ticat record for tackles in a single season, with 114 in 2007.

Dave Sapunjis in 1995 with Calgary.

I think had he stayed healthy, Fred Stamps would have won the title.

Some additional stats of note:

Record: 9-9
Versus East: 7-3
Versus West: 2-6

Playoff Teams:

vs. Montreal 1-2
vs. Toronto 3-0
vs. Calgary 0-2
vs. Saskatchewan 0-2
vs. BC 1-1

5-7 total

Points for: 481 (4th)
Points Against: 450 (2nd)

Games with -7 point differential or more: 6 (5 vs. playoff teams)

July 20 -20 (Winnipeg 49-29)
July 22 -23 (Montreal 37-14)
July 31 -14 (Saskatchewan 37-24)
Sept 11 -21 (Montreal 27-6)
Sept 25 -7 (Saskatchewan 32-25)
Oct 26 -31 (Calgary 55-24)

Games with +7 differential or more: 7 (3 vs. playoff teams)

July 16: +21 (over Winnipeg 28-7)
Aug 7: +7 (over Winnipeg 29-22)
Aug 13: +11 (over Winnipeg 39-28)
Sept 6: +15 (over Toronto 28-13)
Oct 8: +24 (over Edmonton 36-11)
Oct 15: +27 (over Toronto 30-3)
Oct 22: +37 (over Montreal 40-3)

Total Points Scored vs. Playoff Teams = 285 (23.75 For/Game)
Total Points Against vs. Playoff Teams = 296 (24.67 Against/Game)

I believe my number crunching is correct here. If folks can find an error, please correct me.

Oski Wee Wee,


Yards allowed by Tiger-Cat defence per game

2009 108.2 (3rd)
2010 119.4 (5th)

2009 246.6 (3rd)
2010 302.4 (last)