Final standings

We’re starting to get a better sense of direction this strange may be headed.
Almost half way done, what will the nine teams final season records be?
And why? ( if your up to it.)

My predictions....

TiCats 9-5. Easy sched
Argos 8-6 I like Arbuckle
Al’s 8-6 easiest sched...Adams has not looked good
RBs 2-12. I’m being nice

Bombers 11-3 Defence is scary
Riders 9-5. Looking a lot better
Lions 9-5. Ate Als for dinner
Elks. 5-9. Meh.
Calgary 4-10. Something’s up with Bo

I just realized the math may not work with this. I hate math.

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Winnipeg will finish with a near perfect record blemished only by Toronto's early season victory. They'll go on to win the final and then head to the Cup where the minus 35C game temperature will cause the entire team to retire from football at half time and take up knitting.

You heard it here first. :grin:


I’ll go to work in a Warren Moon Edmonton jersey if you’re right.


Calgary for me is the biggest surprise how far they have dropped off.

Thought they would have turned the ship around with the new QB by now . Had them finishing over all better . Was wrong .

Was wrong about Toronto . They are playing better than I expected so far .

Had them just slightly better than Ottawa . But so far they have played well enough to surprise my predictions like knocking off a good Winnipeg team .

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And if I'm wrong... no one will be less surprised than me. :grin:

One team in the east will have a winning record (8-6).

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Maybe....there’s lots of east vs. east games coming up. That’ll be the determining factor.

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Yes. Holy smokes it could happen. Wouldn't that be an interesting scenario to consider?

The East might have only one winning team... YET despite that possiblity there probably WON'T be a crossover team from the West due to a full season of football mediocrity in Alberta. :crazy_face:

For every win there's a loss. That being said an even distribution of wins/losses means 4 teams overall will have a winning record, 1 team will be .500, and 4 teams will have a losing record.

Not necessarily . Simple math tells us that as long as each W/L column adds up to 63 that in theory you could have 2 teams over .500 , 5 teams at .500 and only 2 teams below .500 .

Also possible is having 3 teams over .500 , 5 teams at .500 and 1 team under .500 .

You could also possibly have 5 teams over .500 , 3 teams at .500 and only 1 team below .500 .

Another scenario could see 7 teams over .500 and 2 teams below .500 .

How about 5 over .500 , 1 at .500 and 3 below .500 .

How about 6 teams over .500 , 1 team at .500 and 2 under .500 .

You could also have a scenario although highly unlikely of having all 9 teams finishing at an identical .500 7 - 7 record on the season .

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You forgot to carry the one.


Always carry two beers, just in case.

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Isn't that why God gave us two fists for in the first place ? :beers:


Amen brother.



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Putting the fun in functioning alcoholic.

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