Final Standings

My predictions for final standings as of today. There were a couple of games I could have gone either way on. And one I listened to my heart not my head.

Ham ... 13-5
Tor ... 11-7
Ott ... 10-8
Mtl ... 7-11

Cal ... 13-5
Edm ... 11-7
BC ... 6-12
Wpg ... 5-13
Ssk ... 3-15

That would put the EDSF with Ott @ Tor and the WDSF with Mtl @ Edm. Then the EDF @ Ham and the WDF @ Cal.

For ever win, there must be a loss. By my arithmetic, you've got 79 and 83.

I should never do math when I first wake up on a Sunday

As an old time fan who's lived through many seasons, all I can say is that I think we may end up with at least a 9-9 record this year. :slight_smile:

Piece of advice from one old timer to another: Don't go too far out on the limb (it might break, you fall, and get injured - probably more than if KA nudged you).

:wink: :wink: :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Fixed it for ya Oski :slight_smile: ......a few minor variations but an equal 81 wins and 81 losses. Oh and no crossover this year,the Bombers get in by default of both the Lions and Alouettes being totally incompetent down the stretch and the EDSF is the same two teams only with the game being played in Ottawa instead of Toronto. :smiley: :rockin: