Final Standings in West

Here's how I see it unfolding, based on schedule ...

Calgary goes 4-2 and finishes at 12-6.
BC goes 5-1 (Tor twice and Ham) to go 12-6
Sask goes 4-2 to go 12-6
Edm goes 3-4 (loses today) to go 10-8.

Edmonton has the toughest schedule in quality of opponents in remaining games. But 1st and 4th are most attractive for playoffs.

4th could be considered attractive but I think every team wants to go into the playoffs on a roll. Anything can happen in the playoffs. I would rather be 2nd with a home playoff game than go on the road.

I wouldn't want the Als in their stadium. Its best to finish 1st or 2nd in the West, IMHO.

other then home field. i could care less cuz all 4 are making the playoffs

4th and 1st might be the most coveted positions in the west. 1st because youre first and get a week to rest and 4th because youll likely be playing a team with a losing record and while no one will officially say it itd be almost as good as having a bye week

You can’t even compare the Eastern and Western divisions in the CFL this year. I’ve never seen so much discrepancy in my life. Any Western team that finishes 4th probably has a blessing in disguise. Even playing Montreal in the Eastern Final on the road isn’t so bad, as every team in the West pretty much owns Montreal anyways.

Cept BC and Edmonton

I assume you are not very old. The east went thru a significant stretch similar to this in the eighties and maybe into the early nineties. I remember I think it was Ottawa being in the 81 Grey Cup with a somethng like 5 and 11 record. I thought that was kind of bush.

Not sure what you are looking at but the Als are 2-4 vs the west and their losses have been close. And Edmonton really did not look good against them today.

Calgary 23 Montreal 19
Montreal 33 Saskatchewan 41
Montreal 34 BC 36
BC 25 Montreal 30
Montreal 30 Calgary 41
Edmonton 4 Montreal 40

Also, keep in mind that Winnipeg seems to be getting on a roll. If they can get on track, it will make for TWO tough Eastern teams.

odds are, either tor and or Ham, isare going to rain on someones parade.

Its an error to count bottom teams as gimmees near the end of the season.

Also, does edmonton really want to go back to montreal this yr??

LOL, I'd take last in the west over 1st in the west any day. If the eskies finish fourth they must be salivating at the fact that they're crossing over to a division with only 1 team worthy of being in the CFL. Honestly, for lack of a better term, the argos blow majorly. It's quite bad. Hamilton seems to be rebuilding for the past 5 years and Winnipeg is mediocre. Although I do think Winnipeg can still turn things around. Sadly the same cannot be said about the argos. They're just pathetic.

IMNSHO, Toronto doesn't deserve to be anywhere but behind Hamilton. Even the games that the Ti-Cats lost were mostly close, exciting games.

I think the Ti-Cats aren't getting the respect they deserve.

I'm telling ya - its finishing this way

Cal/Bc/Sask - 12-6
Edm 10-8.

I just hope the teams in the West dismiss Winnipeg (hopefully) and Montreal like most of the posters here. Anyone who thinks a team on a losing streak has an advantage going into not one, but 2 hostile environments for single match elimination is absolutly out of their mind!
The hottest teams going in are the ones that will do the damage, and right now both Winnipeg and Montreal are on a nice roll. I don't care if it was the first place team in the West, coming out of the East will not be so simple.
My prediction: Winnipeg takes revenge for the 2001 Greycup when an 8-10 Stamp team upset the heavily favoured Bombers. :rockin:

I think Edmonton will beat Winnipeg in a very close game, they will then enter a very loud Olympic Stadium with 60 000 screaming fans, and they won't be able to deal with it. they had problems with sound at CannIns stadium last night what will they do with the loudest stadium in Canada?

The Loudest stadium in Canada, when full, is BC PLACE.

is this with or without the fake noise pumped in over the speakers?

I think the BigO is louder because the capacity is larger

I think the big O can hold a few more thousand than BC Place. I've just never heard people say the Big O is crazy loud. Anyone at a Western Final the last few years can tell you how incredibly loud the dome can get. It has to do with the way it's built I believe. The Metrodome in Minnesota is the same thing.