Final standings 2015

Based on the moves made so far how do you see the east playing out.

For me it's
Hamilton 12-6 still undefeated at home and GC champs.
Ottawa around the 9-9 10-8
Montreal 8-10 in 3rd if their defence plays anything like last year.

So yeah there it is HAM OTT MTL

I looked at the west the only the thing I can say is WPG will finish last lol

What's your prediction, include the west if you'd like.

Hi Ryan:

I agree with most of your assessment, except with Ottawa. For this offense to work, you need to have Burris not hang onto the ball for so long or throw to the wrong hands. The O line has to do their jobs. Not so sure that has been fixed. Not sold on Campbell as a head coach either.

I just don't see them as a 500 team yet, let alone with 9 wins.

But that's me.....






East Semi

Montreal over Ottawa

West Semi

Winnipeg over Edmonton

East Final

Hamilton over Montreal

West Final

Winnipeg over Calgary


Hamilton over Winnipeg

All 9 teams will go 9 - 9! We will all become quite familiar with the tie-breaking rules to determine playoff participation & placements! And potentially we will witness the little known, last but not least "coin-toss" as the final determining factor!

he does tend to hang onto the ball I agree. I think Hank can fix that and have a great year with all his weapons and a second year in the system

whats this "Toronto" thing you are mentioning Bobo :lol:

Love it. :rockin: :thup:

The new rule changes on the receivers are going to help Burris, assuming they haven't corrected the "O" line problems.
He's going to have that extra second or so to get rid of the ball. If they have strengthened the "O" line and with the new rules for receivers, then look out.

How about this scenario - Ottawa goes into Hamilton in the East-semi final and in the last minute with Ottawa down by 5 points, Chris Williams returns a punt for a TD runs backwards and waves to the crowd ???? :lol: