final Roster

IMO cuts are:
QB Burko (obviously)

RB Lalonde, Andre
RB Dorsey, DeDe - Perhaps PR

FB Hughes, Neal

SB Johnson, Kierrie - could change dependent on Simon's status. Perhaps a PR guy?

WR Harper, Rod
WR Riley, Eron
WR Thompson, Mitch (he'll be back)
WR Anthony, Alex...though likely a keeper if Carr is released. The QBs all seemed to pass him over a couple of times when he was open...I think he has some good potential personally.

I will also say this, I am pretty critical of Getz...he has looked extremely good in both games. Superb hands, and is doing some amazing things after he secures it.

Carr...I am really torn. He refuses to step into the ball and take advantage of his size. Also, a lot of the great ones catch a high percentage of those ones someone gets a finger on or when they get some contact en-route. Carr doesn't. Perhaps Simon can help him reach his potential...I just don't know. His salary may become a factor if Simon is healthy.

OL Valdez, Jose
Never got a great look at some of the newcomers in Armitage and Vonk, but I think IF one stays it is Vonk, and it is PR
OL Armitage, Eric

DB Robinson, Ramzee
DB Miller, Prince
DB Langford, Reshard
The DB situation is also a bit interesting. Collins always seems to play well, Russ is generally solid, but was pretty questionable on a few plays in PS#2, I figured Carlos Thomas as a cut, but he really stepped up in PS#2, and Macho Harris impressed. Really, all of these guys looked respectable. I am not sure if Russ's time in with the team will save him...he may have worked himself out of a job, and Newman is NI and likely sticking. Anderson is of course safe, and I would think Brown is as well. I think at least 2 need to go...another really tough spot! If you cut a kicker (and I personally would but don't think they will, then you only need to cut 1)
Collins, Russ, Thomas, least one is gone...this is something that only being at camp will one be able to make the final call.
I tend to think being the new guy.

DT Sumlin, Richard
DE Taylor, Hilee
DE Davis, Will
DL Steinhauer, Levi - looked pretty good. maybe a PR guy.

LBs are a bit hard to call...They are going to have to cut either some good NIs or a great import or 2. Toughest spot to make decisions this year IMO.
LB Matechuk, Jordan
LB Régimbald-Gagné, Kevin
LB Pisio, Brett
LB Spoletini, Thomas
LB Peters, Brian

P Schmitt, Ricky (I can see them finding room for him at this point, and adjusting to the final 2 in a few weeks)

OL Hill, Kyle - sticks around as insurance until Neufeld is back, PR

that is 25 NI, 26 if you count Schmitt

Chamblin did say the Riders may look at other teams cuts; perhaps Import-DB Seth Williams [Montreal] could be one guy?

According to twitter Alex Anthony has made the team. Not sure if that is just PR or not, but good for him!

Yeah, well, I liked him, but it was strange. Many times he seemed to be the only guy open and the QBs would look at him and move to the next guy. Like I said, I liked him besides one minor dropish in game one. I have not payed much attention to his patterns, but he must run good routes to be open so often. As a NI guy, this is great news for depth, and I believe he can push a guy like Smith.

Import OTs Cut. both Valdez and Hill were cut so it appears that Heenan will be the replacement for Neufeld which is really a great thing for the Riders if he can play RT as well as he played RG last year.
They will still most likley have an import OT somewhere. Valdez a veteran NFL free agent would not be signed to a PR spot but a good possibility that the Younger Duke product would be a great fit for the 2013 9 man Practice roster.
Unless they find a better import OT that they like who has been released probably carrying 6 NIs on the Oline with one import Fulton at LT along with Hill on the PR moving to the Regualr roster only if needed to start do to injury. Other NI Olineman will be on the PR I'm sure as they will need them to practice.

McNight gone. does this mean Milo will be placekicking and Schmidt start the season as the punter. Last season with Milo starting the season with double duties really did not work out at all. Schmidt and Milo I think were pretty even with big legs for kick offs so if they are going to keep the import they mind as well put him to work.

Zach Evans a surprise to me thought he would be a good part of the Dline rotation as filling a spot on the Canadian part of the roster with a good solid hard working player.


Non-Import WR Alex Anthony
Non-Import OL Eric Armitage
Non-Import RB DeDe Dorsey
Non-Import DL Zach Evans
Import WR Rod Harper
Import OL Kyle Hill
Import DB Reshard Langford
Non-Import LS Jordan Matechuk
Non-Import K Brody McKnight
Non-Import RB Spencer Moore
Non-Import LB Brian Peters
Non-Import LB Kevin Regimbald-Gagne
Import DB Ramzee Robinson
Import DB Eddie Russ
Non-Import LB Thomas Spoletini
Import DL Richard Sumlin
Import DL Hilee Taylor
Import OL Jose Valdez
Non-Import OL Matt Vonk
Non-Import DL Ryan Wellman
Import DL Mick Williams


Non-Import RB Andre Lalonde
Non-Import LB Brett Pisio

I was not shocked by Valdez...He did not look good IMO, but I thought Hill would be around for insurance. That said, they can pick someone up if need be.

Eddie I said, I thought he might have played himself out of a job last game. Too bad, I rather liked him, but he got burned pretty bad a few times, and Thomas looked good.

Alex Anthony I think had to be one of the ultimate bubble guys. I wouldn't be shocked if he was back on the PR at some point withing 2-3 weeks, as the roster will settle in time. I figured he might stick around and Thompson be sent back to the Thunder...I mean, he is only 21 and as a territorial guy would be available to the club post expansion draft if they did not play him this that is a little bit odd.

Mick Williams, to be honest, I was never too high on him, but did figure Wellman as a ST guy

Zach Evans, to me, is a complete shocker though. I don't understand that one at all. I mean, keep Stephenson at RB...a NI who will basically never play? Import DB Prince Miller who looked like perhaps the worst defensive player but had a couple respectable returns? Yes, Steinhauer looked ok, but Evans played very well when given a crack...He will not sit long. I do not agree with this cut!

You had to know a kicker was going. McKnight did not punt the best and did not kick the best. Had he made the 48 yard FG, he would likely be on the team. A little surprised that they are not going with 2 NI here though. I can't argue the decision per say, but I also don't really agree with it.

also, only 7 active OL...though Steinhauer is a long snapper, so can likely fill in on the line in an absolute pinch. Also may be a reason he won out over Evans.

Zach Evans for sure is shocking local and ultimate core Canadian DT to be a rotational players, used as an extra lineman for FGs/XPs if needed. He was groomed and work his way up and always plays solid when in there nothing you could not ask for anything else from a Canadian DT as a rotation guy.
What will the DT 42 man roster look like besides Sholo mcelvain and george being the other two DTs are imports would steineher be the guy rotating in for Sholo or will it not be used as a ratio spot or will a very organized rotation exist with having at least Sholo or Foley having at least one of them on the field at all times during the rotaiting in and out along the D line.

They were very high on peters coming into camp did he bomb or just not enough room if the later he will be swept up by someone as a DI. If it was a numbers thing why not 9 game IR him to keep him with the team his salary or import status hidden away and if a serious injury should strike the import LBs he could come off in game 10.
The Riders have the money to pay extra players and keep them on the IR with a contract. A glorified PR spot where no other team can touch him and he will have a real contract.

Not surprised about Stephanson he moved from just a special teamer late last season to a real pro style TE where he was not just an esxtra blocker but also a threat to catch and run with the ball. He did rush for 5,000 yards atWindsor so he is a skill player but up until just recently TEs were not a part of a CFL offensive scheme.
Lavoi changed that in Montreal last year.
As for Hughes would have loved to see the Riders also hide him on the 9 game IR for the first half of the season and if they needed a veteran presence for the special teams Unit he could have been one of those 4 or 5 guys that are special teams starters playing every specials as he has done the last few years.
With the Salary Cap and smaller roster sizes and the CFL not really monitoring the 9 game IR as QBs have been hidden there for some time now a team like the Riders who make a good profit each season can afford to hang on to some extra guys and either activate them if needed, hang onto them if they are younger guys or release them if they do not need them.
I guess they figure with a guy like hughes will not be picked up by anyone so they can call him back at any time but Peters not so sure.
Hughes still looked very good last season but I guess itmay havejust been time to let him go he has had a solid career and Bell isalraeady on the9 game IR to fill thattype of role the second part of the season as well as Hucklack another veteran special teams starter

There was just no room for Peters.

Black, Tristan Non-Import
Huclack, Cory Non-Import
Hurl, Samuel Non-Import

The guys he had to beat out…a tough hill to climb.
Brackenridge, Tyron Import
Kromah, Abraham Import
Williams, Renauld Import
Ferri, Diamond Import

Some of these guys will be back, at least on PR. Evan is a sure scoop up by someone. Not sending Steinhauer back to the Jrs for one more season is really irking me though.

Yup Evans was the big one for sure. Steinhauer must have really impressed and the Staff fairly positive he is the guy over Evans. Otherwise manipulating the system keeping both with Evans on the 9 game just in case for the second part of the long 18 game season. Evans is past the PR player roleand almost will be assured to be picked up by someone who needs Canadian depth at DT to rotate in. Coming to mind is Hamilton who expected that there first round pick would be part of a ratotion to go along with Bulcke and have the DT spot as a ratio spot. several other come to mind as well

Sad to see Brian Peters gone.. thought we should have kept him over Ferri who I have never been overly impressed with. I guess we want veteran presence this year as opposed to young and raw players with a higher ceiling.. Thought Peters could have been a great player for years to come..

Zach Evans shocked the hell out of me.. I am sad to see him go, hopefully he is willing to be a PR guy.. I thought he was a pretty solid DT especially for how young he still is..

Another guy I was hoping to see more of was Richard Sumlin but never saw/heard much about him while he was here.

I was hoping to see Gregg Carr on the cut list, he is sooo inconsistent... he is here do to his size not much else IMO. Been cheering for Eron Riley to take his spot on the roster.

Zack is still very young I think that the Riders are hoping that he clears waivers and can sign him to the PR I think for a 4th year but he is still just 23. Straight Junior career with the Thunder had enabled him to PR while playing for Thunder, rookie season PR and last season a bit of both

Really didn't want to see Mcknight go, lots of potential. If that 48 yarder wouldve been good I believe he would of stayed and Scmitt would be cut! Kind of surprised about Eddie Russ being released but then again his play didn't really pop out in either PS game and also Carlos Thomas has looked good, excited and poised in his showings, hopefully he gets to start! Alex Anthony shouldve stayed! Very glad Kierrie Johnson and Carlos Thomas didn't get released!! GO RIDERS :smiley:

Mcknight is just not a good punter at least right now. If it were reversed and Mcknight won the place kicking job Milo would have taken on the punting and Kick offs. Milo like the import has a big punting leg as well as the often overlooked big leg for kick offs. I think he and import Ricky had had similar KO numbers

I would say Milo and McKnight looked about the same in limited FGs.
Milo was the most consistent punter
Scmitt was the least consistent punter, but strongest overall leg. He definitely had the best hang time, but Milo crushed him in placement.

It seems like a questionable use of a ratio spot to me, as it was so close.

As you said the pre season games give them only limited action perhaps something was seen during practice that led to this decision.
If McNight clears waivers maybe they bring him back on the 9 game and reavalute the situation at kicker after 9 games.
Again paying him a contract salary but not eligible to play unless needed to be the one player excempiton to come off the 9 game.
With the Riders already make top profits every year this year will be even better with bigger attendance once the extra Grey Cup seats are put into place starting with Labor Day weekend, Rider stores selling even bigger amount of merchandise with grey cup merchandise as well as the Grey Cup host profits so could really afford to pay some extra players and hide them on the 9 game IR

speaking of seats, I was in the impression it was going to be in place by LD vs the Bombers, perhaps the week before. It looks well ahead of schedule. It wouldn't shock me if there are at least 10K of seats available by the end of July

Well on a sunday early evening tilt Hamilton comes in on July 21. I am sure they would want to get at least part of the seating in if possible

next would be Montreal 2 weeks later on a regular Saturday afternoon against Montreal then of course Labor weekend Sunday

BT talks on some of the cuts. Pretty good interview. And he is in a suit!

His face lit up a bit when talking about the surprising play of Levi on the Dline. He was most likely drafted for his long snapping abilities for now but able bump Zack Evans was not an easy thing. This looked to be a breakout kind of year for Evans finally arriving from PR to a key piece in the Dline rotation.
Evans is a local boy right out of Regina with the thunder and will probably take a PR spot if no one else picks him up as most likely somewhere along the line this season he would be used when injuries stack up along the Dline. He seems like he has been on the PR forever and he has but keeping in the back of your mind he was just 21-22 and with the Thunder still in his first season and is just 23 I think so with the two additional Canadian PR spots available this season staying right here and waiting one more year could pay off for him in the long run.
Having two or better 3 Canadian DTs on the roster that are as good as any import that can be placed in that position has become huge deal with teams. Edmonton taking full advantage this season starting the year with about 6 of them enabled some trades and they still have three left along the Dline which allows for a ton of flexibility when it comes to DEs and Will LBs