final roster?


  1. Alston WR **
  2. Anderson CB**
  3. Bradley CB (IR)
  4. Caver DE (DR)
  5. Cody DB **
  6. Collier DE (IR)
  7. Curry SB **
  8. Davis, Jerome OT **
    15 Dickerson FB/WR **
    16 Gardner WR (DR)
    17 Glasper OLB **
    18 Gordon DB **
    20 Holmes RB **
    25 Moreno MLB **
    30 Setta K/P **
    31 Timothee DB X
    32 Walker WR **
    33 Witherspoon WR X
    34 Woodard OT **


  1. Barrenechea LB **
  2. Bauman WR **
  3. Bekasiak DT **
  4. Felice OG X
    10 Gagne-Marcoux OL **
    11 Gauthier DB **
    12 Getzlaf SB **
    14 Glavic PR **
    16 Hage OC **
    18 Hudson OGIR **
    19 Ince OG (IR)
    21 Kordic DB (DR)
    22 Lumsden RB **
    23 Mariuz OLB **
    24 McKay-Loescher DE

    25 Radlien FB **
    26 Ralph WR **
    27 Reid DL **
    31 Robichaud LS **
    32 Shaw FS **
    34 Wayne DT **
    35 Dyakowski OT **
    36 Karikari CB **

players with positions listed made the team.... it was bolded, but unfortunately microsoft word and don't mesh

** = correct picks, X = cut (DR) = Development Roster

Where is the link on, Espo? Or is this in the process of being officially announced on the site?

Or are these your picks?

And where’s Chang? Butler? Maas? Williams? :smiley:

this is strange..the cats seem to have more 'stars' who are canadian than they do american 'stars'.

Hey i know of only two people that made it

Espo, extract yourself from your football hat and clarify this, please! LOL :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

And they are?

Do any of them contradict the list above? Dunbrack is a surprise cut, if this list is accurate.

What about the QBs?


One QB that did make it was Chang

I don't see Chang on Espo's final roster...... :roll:

Or is Espo's roster what he would like to see..........but still no QBs :roll:

Well Im not sure why the list isnt up...
But trust me Ive talked with a few players that made it..

Calm down guys Chang is in there...

sorry guys, for clarifications sake, it was my picks to make the team…

also, i had Maas, Chang and Williams making the team, but it must have got cut off in the copying and pasting.