Final regular season attendance averages....

Yeah CFL next time don't go to any games at Commonwealth and drive and frighten off so many folks either.

It's not only some bad air from you for the stadium environment, but it's bad for the average attendance and bad for you too.

My thoughts: Edmonton ticket sales.
I know this for a FACT. Game attendance will ALWAYS be lower then ticket sales. For sure someone will not show up
for a game in which they have purchased a ticket. So as an CFL owner, even if it's community owned, the bottom line is
TICKET SALES and its total revenue not scanned tickets .

Montreal added 5000 new seats this year with the construction adding seats to the south side of Molson Stadium. The Als were attracting approx 20500 fans prior to this addition. The 2012 average attendance of 22,400 has to be disappointing- looking at the cost of the addition one has to wonder if the construction of these new seats, in the short term, were worth the 2000 additional fans who showed up for the games. For years the Alouette administration boasted that the club had a huge waiting list for game tickets. However, one has to wonder if this "huge waiting list " was smaller than announced. Molson Stadium. in my opinion, is one of the better stadiums in the country for football. It is situated close to downtown Montreal and, a modest subway ride to the action. The Stadium features seating very close to the field of action- virtually every seat represents a good view of the game. I'm surprised so few fans attended the games.

That is exactly what will happen. The TV ratings have more than doubled wince TSN took over and with all of Montreal's home games on RDS it has created a whole new fan base in Quebec that did not exist. Currnetly each team gets 1.8 Million in TV revenue but since TSN has taken over that deal has quickly become outdated.
More people stay home now to watch football NFL and CFL. The TV numbers alone give the FL a lot of leverage when TV negotiations start. I would not be shocked to see each team get 4.5 to 5 million in Television revenue. Corporate sponsorship revenue has also exploded. Sponsors having there adds posted in the stadium now have 800,000 viewers seeing it opposed to just just the 20-30 k sitting in the seats. I know those Pizza Pizza signs plastered all over the dug outs at Ivory wynn are seen so many times during a televised game. The players are walking billboards wiht not only the equipment suppliers name on the Uniform but Rona also. CFL on TSN = $$$$$$$. Durning every game i get a craving for Wendy's and a square cheeseburger. LOL

The addition to the seats also included the addition of Luxury suites which bring in Huge $$$ in revenue per game. The 5,000 extra seats might not all sell out but those 2,000 or so walk up fans know they can get a ticket to the game if they want to go and are not shut out. That alone is good for Business.

The decision to keep the Argos at Rogers center has proved to be a good one. Imagine how many less people would have gone to the game if it was an outdoor venue in the cold plus the leasing agreement is nothing really. If they did get BMO field they would have a lease to pay and less than 20,000 for the playoff game. Here they get 23,000 and no cost to play indoors at a venue that is still modern. At the time it was built it was way ahead of any stadium in the world with a retractable roof.