Final regular season attendance averages....

Damn right Geroy! Please carry on and dump on all or please explain Montreal fans. And oh did we forget there is no NHL now!

Attendance                                       Stadium                     Metro area Pop.

1)Edmonton 34,318                    1)60,000                            1) 1.1 mil.
2) Saskatchewan 32,351               2)33,000                            2) 210,000
3) BC 30,356                         3)54,000                            3) 2.3 mil.
4) Calgary 28,665                    4)35,650                            4) 1.2 mil.
5) Winnipeg 27,981                   5)29,500                            5) 730,000
6) Hamilton 25,724                   6)29,600                            6) 721,000
7) Toronto 23,690                    7)52,000                            7) 5.5 mil.
8 ) Montreal 22,457                  8)25,000                            8) 3.8 mil.

Stadium and Pop. figures are approx... Now the criticism can fly! It's funny that the 3 smallest cities have the best attendance.

Man, I wish I was better on the comp.

Ive said the same thing regarding high ticket prices.
The lions and argos should reduce ticket prices, since the supply of seats is higher than demand for tickets at current prices.
Lower prices and get more people in the buildings, thus a better atmosphere, higher concessions sales, and better image of the brand.

One thing that is terrible in toronto, is the lack of replays. Often times, while at the games, i would wish i were at home, as i would have been able to see what happened. A play on the far side of the field, behind a mass of players, a turnover would happen, but it's never shown on the jumbotron, so i have no idea why the next play, the other team has the ball. It's inexcusable, that, a paying customer would have to wish they were at home.

They should really give you all the benifits that come with watching on tv at the stadium, but have the live atmosphere that you cant get unless you are there live.

Id also like to see the argos or the league partner with restaurant chains ( not wendys lol ) to be the place to be for football games. Maybe a kelsey's or something, offer cheap beer and wing nights for friday night football, or something. Then those restaurants would promote the league, and the league could help them by giving them tickets or suite packages to offer as draw prizes, advertise their brand during broadcasts, and such. Its a win-win.

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Edmonton #'s are padded and inaccurate. there were a number of games where they didn't have 34,000 people.

sorry but these are bogus.

Obviously they didn't have 34,000 at all games, in fact there were exactly 4 games where they didn't. But they also had games over 40,000. It is called an Average, otherwise known as the mean value. We all know you hate Edmonton (yet live there) and never stop saying that their fans don't show up for games when ALL of the facts point to the opposite. Eskimo fans are good fans who support their team. They lead the league in attendance, just like they do every year, get over it.

Well, thank you very much Billy ! I don’t mind at all and I don’t know what you’re talking about concerning formatting and code tags.

I WAS THERE man at some games.. I know what I saw. it's a known fact that they don't tell the truth when it comes to their attendance.

did you know they never announced their attendance at the LAST game of the year????

why? because they only had 21,000 + at the game. but they didn't tell the crowd.

the game I went to where they played Hamilton. they said they had 30,000+ but that was not the case they just didn't want to say under 30,000.

this isn't like I'm making it up. lots of people out there also know the Esks inflate their #'s..

So what? You don't think the Riders do the same thing. They didn't announce the attendance in the stands at the last Rider game either for the exact reasons the Esks didn't. And they have definitely inflated some numbers using the season tickets and what not. It is never the number of actual tickets scanned at the door.

All teams do it. And quite frankly you being "THERE MAN" doesn't mean squat as you don't count the tickets, see the scans, and have a decidedly obvious bias which would heavily influence your guess at the numbers. (It's not your fault that you would fudge the numbers toward your bias, we all do it, but to say it isn't there would be false).

Even more impressive: an 8-10 Roughriders team set a franchise record for highest average attendance. The previous record was 30,606 set in 2009. The new seats definitely help.

hamilton has hit the goal with its 25,000 and once the ne stadium is built should improve on those numbers. Although the stadium will only sit 24,000 plus plans will be in place for extra seating being added for Labor day and playoff games as well as the Sask game. If the stadium is sold out during the week of a game the team will most likley post standing foom only tickets a few hours before the game as the stadium set up with the large roomy concours walkways, the 2 level patio section in the endzone and the other endzone completely open for a possible 500-1000 standing room only ticket space.
Toronto can finally nix the Idea of Building a football stadium ans the lease that charges the argos nothing or less then nothing helps with the game revenue a great deal while still getting that 23,000.
Montreal was smart to expand to 25,000 althoug they do not sell out it has given the oppuritunity for the extra 3,000 plus fans per game. With games on RDS it has a strong frncophone fanbase that lives outside the montreal limits and making it long drive to the game.
BC is very impressive with 30,000 avg.
While calgary was very disapointed. They will either need a new facility or if not financilly feasable would need to demolish the smaller visitor side stands and rebuild it with a modern Grandstand with all of the amenities and modern suites much like Ottawa did. They did give the stadium a slight makeover but not nearly what was needed.

Well clearly the Lions can't justify it when an average of 24,000 empty seats are available every game. I don't care if an average of 30,000 is good enough, when it wouldn't be that hard to sell out. As a student, I know I'd go a lot more than once a year (if that) if the tickets didn't cost me four hours of minimum wage working sitting in the upper bowl end zone.

If the attendance across the league has risen, then I say congrats, but we also have to see that the Pop. has risen too.

Nothing beats going to a live event ! Real fans go, they don't make excuses , they just go!

Then all the league has to do is attract the other 99.999% of the population that isn't "real fans".

BC Place rarely sellout CFL games except in the first year before novelty of new stadium wears off. Filling all seats cost more in promotions and discounts. But in business, the point at which sales are maximized might not be the point where profit is maximized. Maybe, management is worried that low ticket prices might reduce revenue if demand fails to increase enough? Poor planning resulted in a stadium build too large for market.

The stadium size is just fine but the Lions seem solely interested in maximizing revenues in the short term. The fact that a person like LadnerLion is a fan but cant afford to attend more games while seats (lots of them) remain empty is a folly of an epic proportion by the Lions. You are alienating potential new fans by taxing your existing base to the max in efforts to boost the bottom line in the short term. This is an alarming trend that other teams like the Ticats are about to emulate. Currently, there is only 1 team in the league playing in a larger stadium that kept some ticket prices at affordable rates; ensuring a strong fanbase that will continue to grow. It is no co-incidence they have led the league in attendance closing in on a generation now and fans continue to come out despite sometimes brutal performances on the field. Teams like the Lions need to learn a thing or two from them

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Billy is absolutely right. Lay off the Anti Eskimo schtick for a bit CFL. Every team announces "paid attendance", not the bodies that show up to the game. I bet there was 25,000 for the Argo game at Mosaic. Every team does this, in almost every sports league. Show a little respect for an organization that has consistently led the league in attendance.