Final regular season attendance averages....

  1. Edmonton 34,318
  2. Saskatchewan 32,351
  3. BC 30,356
  4. Calgary 28,665
  5. Winnipeg 27,981
  6. Hamilton 25,724
  7. Toronto 23,690
    8 ) Montreal 22,457

Thoughts? (in no particular order):

Hamilton - pretty impressive number for their record this year, but I am worried about where they'll play in 2013 + what next year's number will look like
Toronto - the number looks okay, but there were a lot of games in which the stadium appeared to be <20,000
Montreal - the added seats hasn't made a huge difference. Optically, the stadium always looks packed, but the lack of sell-outs somewhat of a concern
BC - we take some slack, but 3rd in the league at 30,000+ is nothing to sneeze at, especially for the prices they charge! I think it's more a perception thing - we play in a stadium that's too large for CFL regular season so it appears the support isn't there.
Saskatchewan - very impressive number, especially considering the up-and-down season

If you look at the Argos attendance numbers, they trended upward as the season went on.

Looks like a positive story to me.

It all comes down to REVENUE not how many bums in the seats. If you "give away" thousands of seats or 2 for 1s etc it doesn't really matter.
It's better to have 20,000 at $100 a ticket than 40,000 at $30 a ticket.

TV ratings have doubled since TSN took over 5 years ago so hopefully teams will be able to collect more in revenue from fans sitting at home.

I know the Argos were giving away free tickets to 3 games late in the season because I was able to take advantage of the free offers.

  1. October 6th Vs Saskatchewan - Grey Cup volunteers were offered 2 free gold tickets
  2. October 19th Vs Winnipeg - Grey Cup volunteers were offered 2 free Bronze tickets
  3. November 1st Vs Hamilton - Teacher Appreciation Night. If you were a teacher in certain school boards in Ontario (not sure which ones) you could get up to 6 free tickets. My buddy is a teacher so he got me one.

Calgary is down quite a bit from a few years ago. That is a bit of a concern.If Toronto doesn't draw 35 000 for their playoff game, it's a sad statementnd not a worthy Grey Cup City.Ihope they get over 40 000.

Edmonton fans deserve praise for supporting their team despite a decline in wins in 2012. Toronto continues to be a revenue disappointment despite being one of the most improved teams on the field. Montreal is always at the bottom because of limited seating capacity. West division is still financially stronger than east division.

Argos wont even be close to 30k, nevermind 35k.

Went to get some tickets, and looks like they will have less then 20k by the amount of seats left. If it wasn't for the fact that the tarped seats show as sold it would look even worse.

Its too bad the Argos were such a boring team to watch for the last 3 years, with the exception of the last 2-3 games. They really blew it..

This is a bit surprising as it runs counter to what David Braley has always preached: a free ticket de-values your brand.

Either he's clearly not running the show or he succumbed to the inevitiable: the Toronto market still needs some massaging.

You just hope the 'freebie' recipients will pay for a ticket when the club becomes consistently competitive.

Given that Toronto outdrew Montreal, shouldn’t we getting on Montreal’s case? I mean let’s be honest, the alouettes attendance has been totally disappointing. seems like Argo fans get unwarranted criticism sometimes.

I think that to make any kind of criticism we need 2 more stats, stadium capacity and city population.

and a stadium that only holds 32,848

It's actually 33,427. I was disappointed that we didn't sell out more than a couple of games. I think increasing the capacity has hurt the demand a bit. If they keep winning it shouldn't matter though.

Of all the numbers Montreal is most disappointing, although in their defence they also have some of the highest ticket prices.

I always argue that we need to be realistic. It would be nice to see stadia packed to capacity every week but that is a bit far fetched and we need to look at reality...attendances across the league are trending upwards. There are glitches like Calgary for isntance and continual disappointments like my own Argos for example but generally speaking and across the league it is a good year. Not great. But solid unspectacular year.

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both state 32,898. Idunno

We shall see what the numbers are like next year when there are 50000 seats or whatever. I say they average 38-42k next year.

I don't share your optimism Jayo. With the advent of high-def and bigger TVs, we're going to see attendance decline in the coming years. This is not restricted to CFL by the way, other sports including the NFL are affected by this "cocooning."

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Teams are going to have to be creative in the way they market the in-game "experience" (as something that can't be replicated at home) and to offer some value for the tickets. Otherwise people (not us diehards) are going to say, "to hell with it, why spend "X" on 2 tickets, the schlepp to the game, parking, food, and beverage when I can watch the same game from my living room with cold beer and replays etc."

Come to think of it, maybe there's some value in Rod Black afterall. :slight_smile:

That's a real problem, yeah. They're making it worse with stuff like absurdly priced concessions at the games. Why would I ever want to pay over $8 for a beer when I can get it for a fraction of that home? The food's better at home, I can pause the game at home, I can start watching an hour late and fast forward all the commercials to shave an hour of time wasting off...

Actually that last one they can fix. They've really expanded the length of the game to cater to television breaks.

I know I've searched it and it comes up 32,898, however 2 games sold out this year and they brought in 33,427

I don't understand this strategy BC and Montreal have about high ticket prices. I can't speak for Montreal, but our cheapest tickets are $42 dollars during the regular season, and that includes the upper bowl. You'd think they make the tickets a bit cheaper in the places they don't sell well, and pack the place. They'd make more money that way, and create a better experience.

Reasons for high ticket prices at BC and Montreal? My guess is that those teams are charging what the market can bear to pay for high costs. BC fans are willing to pay more for an above average team in upgraded stadium. Lower prices might not increase revenue much since average attendance seems to remain stable in the long term. At Montreal, high prices can be justified by high quality team and limited supply of seats available.

And from prior posts on game threads consider also that many games had low attendance too!

How the Eskimos still beat out the avid Riders baffles me, but on the other hand I am thrilled because better days are ahead in Edmonton once we heal from and sort through the rot of Tillman as yet still to be fully uncovered.

I don't buy the excuse you cite on Montreal about merely limited seating, for was not their attendance stronger despite any such limits in the past three seasons? Why the dip even with no NHL? I think finishing last for Montreal right now is downright pathetic, but perhaps a fan can explain better on Montreal's attendance.