Final Play

Lost in all of the comments from last night is the final play...

As soon as I saw Morreale on the field I had a feeling it was coming....

a 40 yard punt after a 25 yard reception, placed perfectly, and looking at the replay if Brock Ralph picks up that ball cleanly and doesnt bobble it, he scores and we win the game.

Nice creativity taking that Calgary play and hats off to the officials for noticing that Ralph was onside. That was very close to being a miracle.

Good Eye, Crash...and I'm sure you don't think Joe suggested it do you? Let's give Coach Marshall some credit!

Coach Marshall must have had something to do with it, cause it was in last years offence too. We tried is last year aswell against Toronto but Mike was tackled trying to get it off.

Uh, guys, although I agree it was a heads up call ... this is the CFL, and it is NOT the FIRST time that has been used by a team ... hardly original, and hardly an example of coaching mastery, regardless of who's idea it was ...

c'mon mean, we're 0-4 gimme something i can look back on and have a laugh about... (one of those... "damn we were close" memories that doesn't include Boreham missing a would-be winning FG late in the game...)

Who said original? All i said is that it was well executed and almost won us the game.

Who said coaching mastery? Woody simply suggested where the call came from and I made an observation.

My comment wasnt about being original or play call… it was about how well it was executed and was very close to working to perfection.

Nice creativity ...
Perhaps I read too much into these words.


P.S - don't get me wrong, that DEFINITELY was a memorable, notable and fun call to watch !

in fairness he did give calgary credit...

it was also 1:30 in the morning, i give Crash a free pass on semantics at this hour... lol

It was so exciting it almost gave me a heart attack. It definately adds something to the team to have Morreale here doesn't it (that wasn't an I told you so at all :wink: ) The element of creativity makes it a little harder for our opponents to guess what we're doing.

If they would have stayed more to the middle of the field instead of allowing themselves to be pinned to the sidelines that play darned sure would have really been interesting!!

The reason you kick it to the opposite sideline is to give Ralph more time to get down there...

Not that its a HUGE deal but by going to the middle it takes more time to get to it.

I meant that after Ralph had control of the ball and ran to the sidelines prior to his attempted lateral. If he'd have lateraled more in the open field rather than near the sidelines it may well have worked.

Yea Steve you're right....

sigh, it was close.

Good ole Canadian football!

If it woud have worked (and it nearly did!), Marshall would have been hailed as a coaching genius, we would have had a win in Montreal (which is extremely rare for any visiting team) and all would be good in Tiger-Cat land with a 1-3 record with a home game coming up against Calgary.

But!!!, this is Kansas, Toto.

I would love to see a replay of that. Does anyone know if it is posted somewhere?

It should be the Highlight of the week on TSN. It was amazing.

As soon as Mike;s name was announced bu Cuthburt, I knew that he would be punting. What an exciting play.

Mean it will be interesting to read your posts when we turn this ship around . It was a good call .