Final play Riders/Eskimo game

I realize this happened at 1:10am EDT so how many of you saw this I don't know. But it was a great desperate unplanned play by the Riders. I counted 9 exchanges of the ball and two fumbles by the Riders all in one play that seemed to take about 5 minutes.

If you didn't see it I'm sure it will be on the highlight reels for a day or two. Make sure you watch it and keep in mind the Riders were down by five when this play started.

I wouldn't want to be Kenton Kieth right about now. If he would have tossed it to his right, they would have won.

Yeah, that was some finish. I thought the play was dead, but wow, to come so close and only be 1 more pass away from victory! Doesn't look like Sask will get the home playoff game they crave.

Yeah, that was wild. Ten more yards and it would have lived on as one of the best/wackiest plays ever. But since they didn't score, no one will think about it after this year.

I wonder how they'll record the stats for that one play.

Lets see, Rocky Butler fumbled the ball, then an OL juggled it, another OL picked it up pitched it back to Rocky, Keith carried the ball twice during the play and fumbled once... and, and, and... I don't know, too much to remember and a whole lot to record.

It was fun to watch though.

From live play-by-play.....

"K. KEITH Run (23 yds)
Butler fumbles 3 yards behind the line of scrimmage (forced by Dalton), recovered by Thomas. Thomas laterals to Greene. Greene laterals to Keith. Keith run for 26 yards. Keith laterals to Fantuz, who gets -5 yards rushing, Fantuz laterals to Grant."

Ummm are we excused for beating Edmonton now that they have beaten Sask. or are we still not allowed to celebrate those 2 wins ???? Please let me know ok ???

Look closely- the first “lateral” was actually forward. This is the CFL-refs are BRUTAL.

It was exciting, but I’m not sure the whole thing was legal.

The best thing about the whole play was the close-up they showed of Maciocia's face as the play was going on....PRICELESS!!!! He had more contortions than a borehamgirl table dance in Ottawa. :wink:

no it wasn't. both o-linemen tossed it backwards, and butler's pitch to keith was forward but he was still behind the line of scrimmage.