Final Mock top 10

Let's see how close I can get.. I think they'll be a lot of trades, but I'll only predict one. the browns.

  1. St. Louis: Sam Bradford QB – I know shocker.

  2. Detroit: Ndamakong Suh DT – Fits better in Detroit

  3. Tampa Bay: Gerald McCoy DT – Fits well in TB

  4. Washington: Trent Williams OT – Was going to say Okung, but Shannahan prefers better athletes.

  5. Kansas City: Russell Okung OT – Possible the best OT

  6. Seattle: Eric Berry FS – Best player in the Draft. (second year in a row for these guys)

  7. Cleveland: Trades pick to Denver Ronaldo McClain ILB - Trade up cause they are worried Raiders could take him.

  8. Oakland: Jason Pierre-Paul DE - Really who knows, they could take Jimmy Clausen, CJ Spiller, Al Bundy.

  9. Buffalo: Bryan Buluga OT - Good fit in Buffalo.

  10. Jacksonville: Derek Morgan DE – Need pass rusher best available.

well there's my guesses.

Good stuff Ugo ...I don't bother to try and project positions but rather choose the players who I think have the best chance to be feature players (playing at least 2 downs a series for many years) or stars.

Some notes on your picks:

  1. The Redskins would do far better to trade down to end up with a quality tackle anyway, the position with the most feature potential of all in this draft, as well as another OLB.

  2. The Raiders taking Pierre-Paul would not surprise me, but he is overrated for that high of a pick. Definitely I'd take Morgan over him as well as a few others. Clausen and Spiller I think would be more likely for the Raiders as they already having McFadden in a class back even with a disappointing rookie season.

  3. I am in the minority who are not sold on Sam Bradford due to questions on durability not only with his shoulder but now one of his knees from some of the chatter. He's one solid NFL hit away from being sidelined for a season and going down the road of draft bust Matt Leinart barring a miracle turnaround for him this season.

Looks like you got the first pick right. My question is why are they starting the draft tonight? I thought it was always done on a weekend. Seems kind of odd to start on a Thursday night. :expressionless:

The NFL is capitalising on high ratings and increases in them each year for awhile for it now to be the huge event it is. Hype on ESPN all day long mind you.

Rounds 2-3 tomorrow night 6PM EDT, which I think is the best night for drama. The rest are on Saturday.

Looks like you got 1-4 right, and 5-6 backwards. Not bad.

Wow... even more shocking, the Colts draft an OLB. :o I thought for sure they would've gone for another offensive player.

Not to shabby if I don't say so. Still shocked the bills grab a runner. I would have like Buluga at that pick. What's the point of having three decent backs, if you don't have anyone to block for them?

Great work Ugo, but disagree with you here highly. Spiller is the only gamebreaker back in this draft. Mathews is one of few 3-down backs.

Bulaga in my view is more guard than tackle when starting out in the NFL too. In that regard he sits correctly behind Iupati as he was chosen and projected by me on my list. Way too many "experts" in the media had him in the Top 15 too.

The Bills will fill their O-line needs otherwise just fine, and mind you there are still plenty of fine tackles left in this draft.