Final game music

A discussion arose at what might be appropriate music for the Cats Game Day operations staff to consider on the final game in IWS. The regular pump up music should of course continue, it will likely be an important game so we have to be firing on all cylinders thenm, but after the game, as the fans say their final farewll to the grand lady on Balsam, the melancholy memory music may be appropriate as the crowds mill about. So, perhaps we can put forth some suggestions one may consider;

  1. George Houselanders old Ti-Cat fight song (we love those cats those tiger cats....) Actually, it was a pump up song in the 60s so it can be used during the game.

  2. "Closing time" by the Semisonics, for obvious reasons.

  3. "Simply the best" by Tina Turner. I have been to many stadiums over the years, new and old, but nowhere have I been able to come close to the intimate experience as in my Box seats on the north side, several rows from the field. You always knew that when you chirped the visitors, they heard you, and most times, would turn around and chirp you back, some in jest, and some not so funny. In my opinions, IWS was simply the best in that regard

  4. "I will remember you", by Sarah McClachlan I believe. Many of us will sure remember IWS, even if you just think of not only the fans that have attended there, but how many of us have played high school, junior, university football or soccer at the stadium.

Those are only a few, perhaps some more can be suggested along with your thoughts.

The Ticats are Hummin, Played 5 times after 5 touchdowns !! :thup:

That game will be more about the stadium than the Ticats. The cats have already made a mockery of this season. The final game at Ivor Wynne could've been in the playoffs

Wrecking Ball- Bruce Springsteen


I’m lovin’ that song!


"You Broke My Heart" by Alexandra Burke

That’s the only benefit to the Cats sucking this year. So I don’t have to hear that pathetic lame song.

I love this t-shirt. I also wonder why the mannequin has a beer gut.

Beer gut is good. :thup:

Beer gut is ok, but this mannequin looks more like it's smuggling a pound of marijuana into a Hip concert.

It's Peter Dyakowski's shirt.

Maybe for the team, maybe for the fans, the last song should be "Hit the Road Jack" by Ray Charles (or the Stampeders version if we want Canadian content).

Since it is an afternoon game maybe something could be done to commerate our armed services - an early Rememberance Day. RHLI pipe band; taps as suggested earlier. Combined with the famous people, not just CFL greats who have performed there.

Oh yeah,this is the city of do this would take several years to organize, and then it would be done in the wrong place, probably the west harbour

You do have a point there Wheezer with your 2nd paragraph, I'm afraid.

I agree with the sentiment however Taps would be appropriate for in the US. The Last Post is used in commonwealth countries including Canada.

Yes, of course. I should have known that. Thank you the sentiment but "Taps" is American stuff.
In Canada.....we use "Last Post".
Wish I could be there for the last game though. Played high school (Central) sports at the then Civic Stadium. :cry:

For the good times (Ray Price). Thanks for the memories (Bob Hope). There were good times and great memories especially with the great Hamilton Tiger Cat teams of the sixties and early seventies. Can't mention names as it would not be fair to leave anyone out. There were just so many great players.

Maybe the Ti-Cats could call Pete Townsend and have him rewrite the lyrics of Won't Get Fooled Again, to Won't Make the Playoffs Again.