Final game at Calgary.

My husband and I are thinking of going to Calgary for the final game. Does anyone know if there is an "Alberta branch" of Leos fans and if so, anyone know where they might sit in the stadium? Does anyone plan on being there and if so, where are your seats?? We don't like the idea of surrounded by only red and white fans, but if it has to be, it will be...we will be there with pride. Any ideas if the fans there are cool and welcoming with "intruders" in opposing colours??
Thanks for any suggestions.

Hey, have fun at the game (so jealous). :slight_smile:

I think it's probably pretty much the same at any stadium - most are respectful of opposing fans but you always have to contend with the idiots. Hopefully, the stadium has a program where you can get immediate assistance if things get hairy and you feel in any way intimidated. I think sometimes people try and take matters into their own hands, which doesn't help much.

I find that if I'm friendly to those around me, usually they respond in the same way. So try and make friends from the get go and you should have a great time.