Final Five Poll

Alright, we're down to five, even though Ravens, Riflemen & Rivermen all sound like better names to me, we're down to five, what's your take?

Prediction, or personal favourite?

The names Nationals and Rush are used by professioal sports teams already. Edmonton Rush is Lacrosse, and Washington Nationals is baseball.

So that leave 3 names to pick, and all three are terrible :thdn:

The Red and Black is also a name of a sport team already.

And Voyageurs is used by Laurentian. Who cares? Only never-used names for any sport anywhere in North America are qualified now?

so what?

I guess by your logic, either BC or Detroit should change their name :roll:

was watching my wife tonight and occurred to me that maybe RedButts would be a good name :lol:

Well, I guess by your logic the Rough Riders Name is back in play then :wink:

No, they can't use it because the Rough Riders name has been registered. Many names have been "bought" and can't be used by another sports team. Team names like Lions have been around for decades and were never registered.
It's funny that people from other cities are criticizing "Redblacks" when their team names are ridiculous and "uninspiring", but we have go used them over the years. Everyone want the perfect sports name but nobody can agree what a perfect sports name is.

Rough Riders as i under stand it can be used by other teams just not in the Cfl.

This day and age everything is trade marked, the Washington Nationals and Edmonton Rush are trade marked. So cross them off the list !!

As Jeff Hunt says "RedBlacks" have a lot of history and is appropriate for Ottawa

RedBlacks pays tribute and is authentic to Ottawa sports history going back to the hockey Silver Seven and the football Rough Riders. Those are colours that resonate through Ottawa sports history. They’re also associated with the Governor General’s foot guards, the RCMP and other images associated with the nation’s capital.
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Well there is a baseball team called the Maple Leafs.