Final Eight Games (and Final Record)?

no sense reposting my predictions here since I've already done them in another thread : :slight_smile:


Sorry…rookie mistake! :oops:

I agree with Zach in his post game interview after the Argo/Ti-Cats game, if the Cats can control the clock and the level of play, keep on scoring TD's and building a lead they can win any game. It's just when the team makes mistakes or takes bad penalties that it costs the team and reduce our opportunities to win.

We have 8 games remaining in the 2016 season now is the time to pull it all together and win the remaining games and secure our spot in the East Division and Playoffs.

Lets keep the dream going with a Win against the Argos on Sunday at BMO Field in Toronto.


Despite the title, I know you'll enjoy reading (most of) this!

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How accurate are the projections? Do they have a track record to show previous simulations were correct?

I still think we make it to the big show, (look at my signature below). The only thing that would change my confidence in this is if Zach had another season ending injury.

Even last year there was one flukey play that kept us from going to Winterpeg.


This is the first season I have followed the Ti-Cats, I'm from close to Chicago (Bears fan in NFL) and decided to follow the CFL as well and chose the Ti-Cats as my team due to the proximity and that I come to Canada for business in that area so I could maybe go to a game sometime.

I don't have a games won prediction for year end but after watching that epic comeback on Monday I do think the Ti-Cats win the division outright and have a real shot in the playoffs.

It has been fun watching so far and I'm trying to recruit a couple other yankee friends to become Ti-Cats fans as well.

Join the fun! Welcome aboard. :thup:

Seconded! :rockin:

I don't think Calgary will beat our Cats..the next time they play each other.
Personally I think the Stamps were dam lucky to beat us last time...
We clean up the mistakes and the flags.
They will not beat us :smiley:

Have to finish 1st or 2nd so we get to attend a play-off game! I see them going 5-3, beating Toronto, Montreal (2x), Saskatchewan, Ottawa (1x) and losing to Ottawa (1x), Calgary and Edmonton. I am thinking it is possible for a split with Montreal, and maybe an upset of Calgary, but it will be a tough go to take Ottawa or Edmonton twice.

Should be a solid second place at 10-8, or a slip to 9-9 with a loss to Calgary, with an outside chance to be 11-7. That single point from the Ottawa tie could just be the fly in the ointment for first?

Im thinking either 6-2, or 5-3 for the rest of the year. Loss to Calgary, split with Ottawa, with the possibility of a loss to MTL or Edmonton but not both. Or maybe we beat Calgary and lose to Edmonton.