Final Eight Games (and Final Record)?

We have eight games left: Calgary, Edmonton, and Saskatchewan, and then two against Ottawa and Montreal each, and of course next week’s Toronto game.

I say we go 6-2 over the final eight giving us a final record of 11-7 for first place.

What do you think?

In a perfect world I see them going 6-2 down the stretch with a loss against the Stamps and split with the TwoColours, but realistically I am seeing a 9-9 or 10-8 finish. Montreal will play us tough and you better believe Toronto will be desperate next week, Calgary and Edmonton won’t be gimmes at all and that back to back set against Ottawa scares the hell out of me. This season has been an absolute roller coaster so far, if they don’t learn how to play four quarters you might as well flip a coin to decide the last 8 games.

Tonight’s game was a HUGE win though, it was imperative that we created that gap with the Argos and took the season series and next week is even a bigger game in the standings …but never in my heart, LDC is the end all be all aside from the Grey Cup and couldn’t be more proud of the team tonight for pulling out the win.

Great post, you hit most of the concern nails on the head. But, I'll stick to my "perfect world" prediction. :thup:

I completely agree, 2ez. Nothing, other than the fact that this team has demonstrated that they play to the end and don’t give up when down, suggests to me that a 6-2 record the rest of the way is realistic. They’re 2nd in the East and 5th in the league standings now. There’s one goal, which I think the team should now set for itself. It’s realistic and, IMO, this season maybe more than most, very important to reach. That’s finishing first in the division and getting the playoff bye. Go Cats Go.

OTT has a bye next week and then travels to CGY for their next game and then to BC 2 weeks later.
OTT finishes the season with back to backs against us and then back to backs against an improved WPG team that will be fighting for their playoff lives.
We will be in 1st place in the east with a win on Sunday at BMO and I fully expect us to stay that way till the end of the season.
Obviously, We will need at least a split in our home and home with OTT in October.

Cats will "sweep" all remaining games.
Long-shot, yes but very possible. :thup:
At min..Cats will finish 1st in the East.

The problem is the defense in particular the DBs, I said at the beginning of the season that when Zach comes back they will score a lot of points but other teams will put a lot of points against the Ticats D. The DBs can’t stay with receivers or make tackles.
The Argos put up 30 plus points and they could have easily won this game. Sunday will be a tough game and I can see the Argos taking that one.
When they play a team like Ottawa with all of their great receivers and a QB with a quick release it’s going to be tough.
Montreal won’t be a problem, Cato as the QB will be less effective than Glenn.
The Ticats could finish 1, 2 or 3

It seems in watching our DBs they tend to go for the “strip” tackle rather than the clean, take down tackle. It seems lots of time, when they have the receiver lined up, instead of “running through” for a take down, they reach around and try to strip the ball for a forced fumble. The other coomon technique is to throw their body at the receiver’s legs, rather than tackling.

Either way, the receiver is able to spin off and gain additional yards. Most are adept at protecting the ball, especially when the tackler is approaching from behind.

Of course, to beat my dead dog, in the current CFL, you can’t touch or impede any receiver from five yards until someone has touched the ball, so with a QB like Ray, it is basically pitch and catch and tackle football. Bad tackling technique IMO equals lots of field position lost and lots of points scored against you.

Whos the teams we lose to? Im assuming Calgary Edmonton?

Im thinkin we run the table but 6 and 2 is fair.
I think we will beat Calgary in our Barn besides that not really scared of any other team except our team and our slow starts…

THIS ^^^^^^
Missed tackles on the underneath Receivers and the RB Whitaker in the 1st half yesterday hurt us bad.

How about some payback on a few close losses and say this team goes 8-0 to complete the season, anything is possible in the CFL!!


I'm extremely concerned about how we match up with Ottawa. Our weakness on the corners is particularly troubling.

Agreed. Edmonton, Calgary and Ottawa have the ability to light up our defence on their good days, we can also light it up but shootouts are only fun to watch when your team isn’t involved. If Cats want to win the Cup they likely will have to beat Ottawa then either Calgary or Edmonton in the Cup …I’d much prefer a match-up with the Lions despite being 0-2 against them this year.


I was just working this out at work today. I say

Hamilton 11-7
Ottawa 9-8-1
Toronto 7-11

And Edmonton being the crossover team preventing Toronto from making the playoffs. I didn't bother figuring out Montreal as I don't think they will be a factor.

I like it, I agree (of course) :thup:

I believe the correct pronunciation is MA Her (listening to Mike Nabuurs the Stadium Announcer). There used to be (many years ago) a shoe store with that name locally. It was pronounced MA Har.

I still remember Vince Mazza (colour man on CHML broadcasts) calling 31 - ZAM BEE ZEE. It is to laugh.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Hmmm… some mod thinking that season record predictions and name pronunciation are the same topic? Somebody missed their vacation. :smiley:

Actually Mike, that was the pronunciation of his name that Zambiasi was used to while growing up in the U.S… Ben often tells the story that once he had been in Hamilton for awhile, that members of the Italian community told him that the proper pronunciation of his last name was Zam -Bee- Ah- Zee so he stuck with it from then on.

I’m just impressed that somebody could understand ANYTHING Vince said. Love that man’s comments. Never knew what he said but loved them just the same. :smiley: