Final Cuts

According to RDS 14 so far:


Mild surprises I would say in Washington and Huggins. Not sure if any of these cuts will surface on the practice roster.

Would not surprise me to see Alexander, Huggins,Washington and a receiver be offered practice roster spots. In fact we might see seven on practice roster this year.

Using all my fingers and then some I count 62 players still on the roster. Roster and practice roster are 53 (haven`t heard anything lately about practice roster going to 10), so that would leave 9 players to either release or put on Injured Lists. And Bowman we know will go on the Injured List to start the season. So that leaves 8.

I`m sure Richard can break this down further.

No surprises,except Huggins. C.J. Washington could be claimed by Hamilton for/as KR.

With these cuts we are at 62 players,i.e. 34 imports and 28 non-imports. We all know that John Bowman,Bear Woods,Chima Ihekoaba and possibly Alan-Michael Cash will be transferred to 1 game injury list,leaving 58 players. 1 or 2 more could be added to injury list,either 1 game or 9 games. Will the practice roster be of 7 or 10 players? In the past it was 7; although never officially confirmed, the total of 10 was mentionned in the off-season.

Players that could be added to practice roster: Victor Anderson,Ed Gainey,Ezra Millington,Michael Ola,Bryn Roy-unless injured-Daryl Vereen,Ryan White.

There are now 4 import RBs: Anderson,Devine,Whitaker and Wolfe. Will Anderson be on practice roster? Will Devine be on 1 game injury list?
There are now 6 import receivers: Bowling,Bratton,Green, Guy,London and Richardson. Will Bowling be on practice roster?
Excluding Bowman and Cash,there are now 6 import defensive linemen:Hunt,Jenkins,Lemmens,Lockley,Montgomery and Murrell.
Excluding Woods,there are now 4 import linebackers: Cox,Davis,Ingram and Vereen. Vereen will be on practice roster.
There are now 7 import defensive backs:Anderson,Brown,Gainey,Hebert,Osaisai,Parker and Williams. Gainey will be on practice roster.

The players on practice roster have already been or will soon be released; once they have cleared wiavers, they can be added to practice roster.


A few comments regarding the 28 non-imports on current roster.

RB/FB. There are now 3: Bédard,also long-snapper-,Diedrick and Lavoie. Will all be on active roster. Is Diedrick 100% healthy?
Offensive linemen. There are now 9: Barrette,Bomben,Bourke,Brodeur-Jourdain,Flory,Matte,Perrett,White and Woodruff. 7 will be on active roster. We all know who the 6 dressed will be; who will be number 7 on active? Barrette or Matte? If Matte I say Barrette will be on 1 game or 9 game injury list. White will be on practice roster.
Defensive linemen. There are 3,excluding Chima. They are: Adebayo,Bekasiak and Mullinder. Will Mullinder be on 1 game injury list? Possibility. Adebayo will be on active roster or injury list.
Linebackers. There are 4,excluding Roy-concussion-. They are:Brouillette,Dublanko,Emry and Ridgeway. Should all be on active roster.
Defensive backs. There are now 4. They are: Carter,Milton,Ruttan and Townsend. Milton and Ruttan on practice roster? 1 of them on 9 game injury list?

We will have all answers on saturday afternoon.


Looks like the alouettes annual golf tourney was today. Ray said he'd move it from september to june which actually makes more sense because you don't want to have to play a golf game in the middle of the season. Glad I wasn't invited this year, too pricey.

Don't think there will be a fan train this year. We'll wait and see. Habs and als are in TO the weekend of oct.13-14. A good time to go for both games if I can.

As sole als fan rep on the stamps forum i'll defend them best i can in the coming 2 matchups.

Should be an interesting season. Let's go als.

Well, way too soon to comment on these cuts. Were they the right/wrong ones? We'll see, starting next Sunday.

I still think that the 2 pre-season game format is not enough to evaluate new players. Despite how well they can do the 2-minute drill, or if they can do the 40-yd dash in 4.2 seconds, catch, run, block, tackle at's play on the field that counts.

So, for better or for worse, the final cuts have been made and a team will be dressed for the game in Calgary. Hope the Als get off on the right foot and rack up our first W of the season. I'm also anxious to see the play of our D and hope our walking wonded come off the IL ASAP.

Go Als go!

There really weren`t any great surprises with these cuts. The surprise is how Mr. Popp is going to be able to find a way to keep the remaining 62, if that is in fact the case. It is possible that some players will not want to go on the practice roster, therefore there might be some extra players kept for that possibility.

The surprise training camp cuts were the earlier ones - Boulay, Ferri, Restelli. I am still curious about Restelli, perhaps he was injury prone.

At the beginning of last regular season, the Als had exactly 62 players on roster.-46 active +9 injured,including 4 on 9 game injury list, and 7 on practice roster. A few weeks later it was 59 since Bernard,Cobb and Rodriguez were not longer on 1 game injury list/with the team. I expect a similarity for the beginning of 2012.


You are probably right about this, the 62 doesn`t have to be forever.

And we have to thank Mr. Wettenhall for footing the bill for all these players. Yet someone still manages to call them cheap.

Boulay surprised me -- Ferri did not because I figured that Restelli would replace him. Then Restelli is cut -- go figure. I did read that Restelli was held out of practice so he must have been injured. The real reason that I think that Restelli was cut is because of how Reinbold is running the 3 - 4 defence. The two outside backers spend a lot of time rushing the passer. At 215 lbs Restelli is way too small to spend his time primarily rushing the passer. Since nobody has picked him up so far I believe that means he is injured. At age 26 Restelli is way too young and way too fast to not get picked up.

Moving forward, I wonder just how rushing the two outside backers is going to work in the long run. Seems like it may succeed at first but then they are looking at getting killed by the short quick pass.

We shall see.

Cox is still the SAM backer, so it's not like every LB is a pass-rusher. Cox usually draws the other team's fifth receiver on passing plays anyway. Emry and Brouillette are more than capable of dropping into shallow zones. Neither Davis nor Ingram is much heavier than Ferri. They're just better pass-rushers who give us more at the WILL position.

As well, with the versatility of our players, it's not like we're locked into pass-rushing LBs on every down. We can always drop a DB into the box to defend the pass.

Safety Blitz...
Drop both ends into coverage...
7 or 8 man blitz...

We can do a bunch of stuff. Reinebold isn't stupid. We have to be able to face Mobile QB's (Burris). Go Man to Man while containing big RB (Ray, Boyd, Riggs). Blitz Defense (Winnipeg).

Our defense needs to be able to defend against 3 very different offenses.

Desriveaux apparently joining the argos. Gonna start calling them the Toronto Alouettes.

Hadn't thought about that, but it would be a helluva look, and it's actually possible in a 3-4 defense with two burly linebackers who can 'tween' as rush ends.

We can do a bunch of stuff. Reinebold isn't stupid. We have to be able to face Mobile QB's (Burris). Go Man to Man while containing big RB (Ray, Boyd, Riggs). Blitz Defense (Winnipeg).

Our defense needs to be able to defend against 3 very different offenses.

Indeed. I think your basic assessment of how to defend those three offenses is accurate. Against Hamilton, we have to be disciplined in our gap coverage, forcing Hank to stay in the pocket long enough that Frank makes an appearance. :wink: Against Toronto, we have to load up to stop the run, trusting our DBs to hang with Argo receivers in man coverage -- the safety's ability to read Ray's eyes is going to be key here, particularly on those corner routes he loves to throw. Against Winnipeg, we have to be aggressive and challenge the Bombers to beat our blitz.

It's a difficult challenge, but on paper at any rate, I think we have the defense to get the job done. The question mark, of course, is the defensive line, with Bowman out. But I'm confident.

Smart move. Gives them a NI receiver who knows Trestman's offense ( We can't call it Milanovich's offense LOL). Desrivauxis also a good "holder". I'm surprised a team hasn't bite the bullet and paid for Boulay's services yet. Looking at the Canadian content of our 3 rivals....

With due respect, Davis and Ingram are “bigger” players than Ferri. Ferri was/is 5.10 and 204,while Davis is 6.2,240 and Ibgram 6.5 and 238. Both davis and Ferri could line up as DE,contrary to Ferri.


Wow, I had no idea Ferri was that small! I stand corrected.

With all due respect to Desriveaux, if youre picking him up at this point, you have receiver issues. Maybe Duries injury is a factor.

And according to Herb, Bowman is running around already. I am looking forward to seeing Bowman/Murrell bookends.

Just curious -- why the confidence? With Bowman out I am concerned...