Final cuts/rosters

While CFL teams had to declare their 46 player active roster + injured players as of 22 hours ET saturday, unfortunately we don't know the exact cuts and/or players on injured lists by any team. Sure, there have been few releases,here and there, but not the exact picture from any team and nothing from some.

The true CFL fans are not well served as they should.Are all CFL GMs asleep along with CFL staff? You should be ashamed! If 22 hours is too late,next time set the deadline at 15 hours ET; we may have a better chance to be informed before the end of the day.


Edmonton has not even observed the deadline according to their reporters.

It would seem the Esks are fine with snubbing relations with the CFL. It is not the first matter in the last year that they turned their nose up to. We'll see if it bites them in the long run.

The present active rosters of CFL teams are as follows:
Edmonton 76 players.

Toronto 70 players.

Montreal 67 players.

Calgary 66 players.

Hamilton 61 players.

BC 56 players.

Saskatchewan 54 players.

Winnipeg 52 players

Mr. Cohon tell the Teams to pay more respect to the paying fans; if the fans are not well informed,this is how they will lose interest in the CFL. It takes a few seconds to send the information to Media.


Clearly the fines are not large enough.
Rosters were supposed to be at 68 +freebies a week ago.
I would hope that at minimum the CFL will nullify anyone the clubs that are over try to pick up in free agency. I mean, how can you sign someone if you are already over the limits...

Released: WR Elvis Akpla (I), DL Chris Clady (I), LB Glenn Love (I), K/P Steven Shott (NI), S Bobby Davis (NI), OT Ben Ossai (I)

Released: DL Stevie Baggs (I), DB Troy Butler (I), RB LaMarcus Coker (I), RB Wilkerson DeSouza (NI), DL Kevin Dixon (I), R Josh Jarboe (I), R Brandon Kinnie (I), DL Andrew Marshall (NI), R Khalil Paden (I), DB Romeo Pellum (I)

PR: DB Adam Berger (NI), LB Alvin Bowen (I), DL Marvin Booker (I), RB Charlie Power (NI), OL Na’Shan Goddard (I), R Yannick Morin-Plante (NI), OL Billy Peach (NI), DL Luis Vasquez (I), RB Jonathan Williams (I)

Released: ??

Saskatchewan (21 guys released - I wonder what type of pictures the guys they kept have on Taman and Chamblin :wink: ):
Released: WR Alex Anthony (NI), OL Eric Armitage (NI), RB DeDe Dorsey (NI), DL Zach Evans (NI), WR Rod Harper (I), OL Kyle Hill (I), DB Reshard Langford (I), LS Jordan Matechuk (NI), K Brody McKnight (NI), RB Spencer Moore (NI), LB Brian Peters (NI), LB Kevin Regimbald-Gagne (NI), DB Ramzee Robinson (I), DB Eddie Russ (I), LB Thomas Spoletini (NI), DL Richard Sumlin (I), DL Hilee Taylor (I), OL Jose Valdez (I), OL Matt Vonk (NI), DL Ryan Wellman (NI), DL Mick Williams (I)

Returned to junior: RB Andre Lalonde (NI), LB Brett Pisio (NI)

Released: R Kurt Adams (I), DL Zach Anderson (I), DB Bert Brown (I), LB Wendell Brown (I), QB Chase Clement (I), DL Dexter Davis (I), DL Anthony Degrate (I), OL Brendan Dunn (NI), FL Carl Fitzgerald (NI), DL Marquis Frazier (I), DB David James (I), R Trevor Kennedy (I), DB Dekota Marshall (I), IR Jameze Massey (I), R Quintin McCree (I), R Wallace Miles (I), P Billy Pavlopoulos (NI), DB Wesley Pendleton (I), OL Aderious Simmons (I), S Teague Sherman (NI), LB Ian Wild (I)

Added: DT Torrey Davis (I) (from suspended list), OL Marc Dile (I) (from suspended list), DB Terrance Parks (I)

Released: QB Chris Amrhein (I), DB Emanuel Davis (I), WR Justin Hilton (I), WR Simon Le Marquand (NI), WR Eric McCree (I), DE Eze Obiora (I), DE Donovan Robinson (I), LB Nick Rosamonda (I), DE Matt Singletary (I)

PR: DB Raymond Brown (I), LB Phillippe Dubuisson-Lebon (NI), OL Mike Filer (NI), DB Erik Harris (I), DB Arthur Hobbs (I), WR Lyle Leong (I), DB Harold Mutobola (NI), OL Landon Rice (NI), WR Ouslet Volcy (I)

Suspended: DB Michael Daly (NI)

Toronto (further announcement to come)
Released: DT Kevin Huntley (I), DB Bryan Payton (I), RB Gerald Riggs Jr. (I),WR Reggie Williams (I)

Released: R Damone Blackman (NI), R Michael Campbell (I), OL Matt Cleveland (I), R Phillip Livas (I), DE Mike Lockle (I), DE Cyril Obiozor (I), DT Scott Paxson (I), QB Quinton Porter (I), DB B.J. Scott (I), DB Devon Torrence (I), DB Seth Williams (I)

I hope any club over the limit gets fined 10 grand per player, and loses 1 draft per every 5, starting with the first round and moving back. Time for the CFL to get an iron fist and let people know it is time to play within the rules. Between this and the clear ignorance the the FA season, it is time to set an example.

This is so unfair to the clubs that put forth the effort. now these rule breakers get a day or 2 to see what is out there for cuts before making decisions? Total BS. If there is a bubble player they can say...hey, cut him...these 3 comparable players were released...or keep him, there are not many of that position on the market.

Not announcing who was released doesn't mean players weren't released.

Plus there haven't been announcements as to who will be starting the season on the IR (1 game or 9 game) which would account for some teams being over the limit.

The Argos announced that Romby Bryant (broken ribs) and Brent Vinson (broken ankle) will both be out indefinitely. I can't recall seeing any other injury reports from Saturday.

Yes, I am aware that not announcing that players have not been released does not mean that players have not been released. The point is that fans need to know the exact active roster and players on injured list. Not enough to say that 21 players have been released,while there are still 52 players on active roster. Excess of 6 and will these 6 players be on injured list. Their name? The League knows but fans don't. The League does not buy tickets,the paying fans do and they deserve to be informed.

So far, the only CFL team that has announced players released,practice roster and injured players is the Als. The announcement came during the night/nuit. It's roughly 10 hours passed the yesterday's deadline of 22 hours EF and fans don't know/are not informed.


I agree with Richard. The way the league lets this stuff slide is BS.

I'm not disagreeing but I would suggest that only hardcore fans care if the announcements are made on time. However PRs weren't going to be announced until today.

BTW, the Bombers have 51 players on their roster, not 52. One player (Brett Carter) is a territorial exemption who will be practicing with the team so he doesn't count as taking a roster spot.

The CFL website does have some updates but still nothing from Edmonton which is a joke.

PR: OG Anthony Barrette, WR Duron Carter, DE Brandon Denson, CB Jamahl Knowles, CB Lance Milton, WR DL Moore, LB Bryn Roy, RB Tyrell Sutton and CB Ben Wells.

Released: DT Kevin Huntley, LB Bryan Payton, RB Gerald Riggs Jr., WR Reggie Williams, WR Darvin Adams, LB Major Culbert, DL Eric Foster, DL Kenny Horsley, DB Quinten Lawrence, DL Christopher Lyle, DB Brent Vinson.

PR: LB Akwasi Antwi, DB Antareis Bryan, OL Michael Di Domenico, WR/KR Trent Guy, LB Shane Horton, DB Alonzo Lawrence, OL Terris Paliwoda, LB Herve Tonye-Tonye.

fyi…the limit is 55 this season…46 active and upped to 9 on the PR. The PR is max 5 Import.

So far,the only teams that have the proper information,i.e. active players + players on 1 game injury list + 9 game injury list + practice roster + suspended players,if applicable, are Montreal and Winnipeg. Montreal was the first and done professionally. Their fans/Media were well informed.

Boo to the other teams/ their football operations staff.


Edmonton finally released the names of the players released to the public. Apparently they did get it into the League on time but decided to wait 12 hours before making an announcement.

Released: OL Nick Cody, RB Kyle Exume, WR Ed Gant, FB Brett Haenni, DB Cary Harris, DB Clint Kent, WR Terrance Lewis, S Hugo Lopez, DB Michael Ricks, OL Crson Rockhill, OL Taylor Servais, K/P Tomas Silva, WR Rico Wallace, DL Lindsey Witten, FB Smith Wright.

Added to Practice Roster: DT Gregory Alexandre, LS Mike Benson, OL Branden Curry, QB Jacory Harris, RB Tracy Lampley, OL Christopher Mercer, WR Youssy Pierre, LB Corbin Sharun, DB Bryan Williams.

Riders did so yesterday AM actually, and their injured/suspended players have been listed since prior to the first PS game. When I saw the Riders put theirs up, it was the only one. Als followed shortly after, then the Bombers much later.

And I'm cool with that. You can take right up to the deadline to make the decisions. After that it's only proper to inform all the cuts personally and make sure that they get the news from you and not see it posted online or tweeted somewhere first.

If that means that the public can wait 12 hours, then we can wait 12 hours.

Present status,based on information available to the fans, roughly 18 and one half hours after deadline.

Hamilton: 61 players excluding 9 players on practice roster. 15 in excess of 46. 15 players on injured lists?

Calgary: 59 players,excluding 9 players on practice roster. In excess of 13. 13 players on injured lists?

Saskatchewan: 54 players,excluding 3 players on 9 game injured list. In excess of 8 . 8 players on injured lists?

Toronto: 53 players,excluding 8 players on practice roster. In excess of 7. 7 players on injured lists?

Edmonton: 52 players,excluding 9 players on practice roster. In excess of 6. 6 players on injured lists?

We only have exact information from: BC, Montreal and Winnipeg.


Actually, 14 on IR - 8 on one-game, 6 on nine-game - and one player who's never played a game retired.

Calgary has added 13 players on injured lists,i.e. 7 on 1 game injured list and 6 on 9 game injured list.

The delinquent remain:



Again, Riders were posted yesterday. They and the Als were the first to do so. There is an official press release from the AM and they also updated the sites roster, and have been reporting injuries all along...not just yesterday. They are at 54 of 55 spots.

Feel free to read previous posts on this matter in this very thread.