Final cuts/moves

From Didier:

Didier Orméjuste ?@DidierRDS 20m20 minutes ago
Things could always change, but Bédé, Blanc, Davidson and Coady will all make the team or the practice roster. #Alouettes #CFL

I guess you're right, but I was really hoping Ackie would get a legit shot at being a starting corner in a few years...

As for BWit. You forget Stephen Logan.
Logan's 34. You really want to make him an every-down RB if someone gets hurt?

Edit: Also not a fan of Hefney sticking as the backup. Our secondary is already old. Now the backup is north of 30? We can't invest in a good prospect even at a backup position? It's not like we didn't have options -- Coleman and Ellis are both viable players...

The sad reality is that Brandon 30, is making starter money and has played 19 games in the last 3 seasons. For himself going to TO and playing in Trestovich’s offense is perfect for him.

Looks like Bede, Blanc, Coady and Davidson will at least get a PR spot.

All true, but if this was going to happen, we should have traded Brandon before releasing Rainey.

DP...I having trouble reconciling your love of Rainey now when last year you were all over him calling him an abuser of women and gutless with his play ? What has changed for you? You must have seen something in TC I guess.

Did I miss Rainey signing with somebody else? Meaning if the Als called on Rainey right now, would he still be available?

Anyway, is there a stream of Popp’s media gathering that is set to start now?

Won’t be a stream. Might be two or three guys show up on a Saturday :? Didier and Herb, maybe Moffat.

Popp should have mentioned that there would be an update on Sam as well. That way everybody would be there & even shown on TV.

DE Chris Baker
K Drew Basil
DE Brian Brikowski
OL Pierce Burton
WR Jonathan Bryant
LB Avery Cunningham
WR Julian Jones
OL Will Latu
OL Simon Legare
DT Khalif Mitchell
DT Asante Mizan
FB Mackenzie Sarro

More cuts coming tonight before the deadline.

slant, you have got to stop provoking others and looking for reasons to argue. Where did D&P say he "loved" Rainey? All he did was question why Rainey was released. He's judging him on his merits as a football player, not a human being. Same with Khalif Mitchell: people were questioning why he was released when he had a good camp and performed reasonably well in the pre-season games. Does that mean everyone who questioned Mitchell's release immediately loves him? Of course not!

More coming...

Joey Alfieri ?@joeyalfieri 5m5 minutes ago
The #Alouettes will announce more cuts before tonight's 10:00 pm deadline. I keep hearing A FEW big names continue to be shopped around

Exactly, and thank you. Never said I loved Rainey but the football timing of cutting him before potentially trading Whitaker doesn't make sense to me...

Als have hardly any big names left. But I could see BWit, Edem and possibly Hebert.

Herb Zurkowsky ?@HerbZurkowsky1 13s14 seconds ago
#Als veteran RB Brandon Whitaker and CB Geoff Tisdale have not been released, but both have been told they won't be with the team.

Big mistake releasing Tisdale.

Jim Popp has confirmed that RB Brandon Whitaker and CB Geoff Tisdale will be either traded or released by 10 pm, tonight.

Too many #12's.

Certainly agree about Tisdale, unless he was having trouble adapting to the new rules.