Final cuts/moves

Thank you,Sheldon.


This is TVA we are talking about. It could very well mean they were offered PR spots.

@joeyalfieri: Sources telling me not to be surprised if the #Alouettes cut/trade a big name. Possibly at Running Back

Brandon Whitaker to Toronto? I would not be surprised. Other option could be Hamilton,but I would be less surprised if it is/was Toronto.


Nah. We all know everybody wants Crompton.

Toronto has a surplus of quality Defensive linesmen that’s about it.

If ever Brandon Whitaker was traded to Toronto, I am more inclined to think that it would be for a 2016 draft choice.Fourth or fifth round. A third round,provided Montreal includes a fifth round.


For the last game of the 2014 season, the Als 46 player roster had 24 Int. and 22 Nat.; amongst the 24 Int.,there were 6 Int. DL and 4 Int. LB's. While we don't have all final information, I assume that presently there are 5 Int. DL and 3 LB's,meaning that there is room for a max. of 2 Int. players; these 2 players -all Int.- could be:

I K and 1 QB
I K and 1 LB
I K and 1 RB
1 LB and 1 RB

Other possibilities, but I can't imagine that Boris Bede won't be part of the 46 players; my favourite options are: 1 K and 1 QB or 1 K and 1 RB.

Another option would be to add only 1 Int player.i.e. the K and 1 Nat. player.

I am sure that these questions will all be answered in the next 6 to 10 hours.


A Winnipeg reporter said this week before the Tor. game that Mike Edem could be traded or cut.

Popp meeting the press at 2:00 P.M.

Traded I could see. Cut that's ridiculous.

Cato has posted he has moved to Montreal. :slight_smile:

well as someone who has experienced moving to a foreign country for sports he is in for an adventure.
From Miami, to West Virginia to Montreal...this will be fun for him I hope.

Summer in Montreal is great.

What's his twitter handle. Can't find it.

As you guys called it last night...

Didier Orméjuste:

"According to several sources around the league, RB Brandon Whitaker is on the trading block."

"If they trade Whitaker, don't be surprised if he lands in Toronto with Scott Milanovich."

Will be sad to see Whits go but we have 3 very good younger rbs that can do the job.

Excellent news!

I could see BWit moved to Toronto and Edem moved to Winnipeg,Edmonton or Calgary.

If we move Whitaker, why did we release Rainey? Trading Whitaker would leave us with Sutton and Rutley but no one else to back them up should injury strike. As for Edem, why we're actively looking to move a talented national safety when the incumbent has openly said he'll retire after his next concussion is beyond me...

Edem has one year left on his contract, likely Popp does not think he can extend him so should Brouillette go down the Als are more likely to invest game time in Lue or Coady. Get something for him now or nothing at the end of the season. Also with the addition of Ackie and Coady is there any room ?

As for BWit. You forget Stephen Logan.