Final cuts/moves

Corvey Irvin-1985-05-03- is just a month younger than Khalif Mitchell,-1985-04-07- so age probably had nothing to do with release of Khalif. Probably more with baggage,salary, intensity.


I was talking about the DE cuts, not DT. I'm aware of Irvin's age. I agree that Mitchell's release was probably a combination of salary, intensity, and "baggage."

Sean Whyte:

Officially a Montreal Alouette for a 5th straight year and proud of it. Let’s get this cup!!!

What I wrote about Khalif and Corvey ages had nothing to do with DE's or other writings,except mine; hence, earlier I had written that one of the reasons why Khalif was release could be his age, but I realized that Him and Corvey were of the same age. Only reason why I wrote about their ages.


After an anonymous source talked to Zurkowsky about why Sam left, Popp was furious and thought that somebody fighting for a spot made up the rumors to make Sam look bad. Popp said that whoever that source is had no place on the team.

So my question is does anybody here suspect anybody was/will be released because the player spoke to Zurkowsky? Would Popp get rid of a player just for that reason?

Other players are saying/tweeting that they are part of the 2015 Alouettes; latest one is Daryl Townsend. I now expect that we may have to wait until tomorrow,before having official announcement by the Als.


Brian Brikowski ?@BrikHouseSki 3h3 hours ago High road. Take the high road. Keep your mouth shut and take the high road.

This is such a fucking train wreck
So easily predictable and avoidable.

All that was necessary was to give a reason, any reason, and a time frame and to say he can come back and continue the try-out process.

Without a reason, people will create one and it just puts everyone on edge.

now this speculation.
Now that KM is free...look out for his tweets. (unless he wants to play again). He makes Arland Bruce look like a lefty feminist.

Ottawa should jump on him. He had a great camp.

From the twitter world Coady and Blanc have apparently also made the team.

Brikowski trained off-season in Texas with Sam and there was a recent blurb where he had only good things to say about him. So he wouldn`t have been the guy baiting Sam.

I don't understand Brikowski being cut. Popp said himself they are short at the position.

Herb Zurkowsky is saying that Khalif Mitchell blocked him on Twitter. Does Mitchell think Zurkowsky somehow cost him a roster spot?

Perhaps Mitchell is who told Sam he wasn't having a good camp?

Regardless if it was :o- it was predictable given his chronic history that KM was going to be trouble one way or another.

Somebody is saying Coady and Davidson both make the 46.

Un grand merci à Richard pour son analyse initiale. J'essaie de rationaliser l'ajout de Coady, Davidson et Blanc à l'alignement et ça aurait été plus difficile sans cette analyse. Grâce à son analyse, il me semble logique que Lue et Ackie doivent être sur la liste des blessés pour que Coady ait pu percer l'alignement. Je constate aussi que Blanc n'a rien cassé mais Volny et Beaulieu non plus. Davidson profite un peu de la blessure de Deslauriers pour l'instant.

Je suis déçu du retranchement de Mitchell et Brikowski mais comme l'a mentionné D&P, Willis et Thorpe sont mieux placés que nous pour observer leur comportement à l'intérieur du vestiaire. Je présume que c'est la raison pour laquelle ils ne sont plus de l'équipe parce que Mitchell a été très bon lors des deux matchs et Brikowski ne semblait pas avoir de concurrent sérieux à son poste. J'ai aimé ce que j'ai vu de Irvin hier mais je trouve qu'il y a maintenant un vide à la position de DE et peu de profondeur à la position de DT. Je suis aussi un peu inquiet à la position de WR si Stamps ne peut pas rester en santé. Il est vrai qu'Hoffman a la taille de l'emploi mais il n'a pas encore fait ses preuves. Les Jones, Collins et Bryant ne seront plus de l'équipe. Giguere, Davidson et Lewis feront l'équipe mais ne m'inspirent pas grande confiance.

Bref, je pense qu'il faut garder l'oeil sur certains joueurs qui seront retranchés d'autres équipes. Ce n'est pas le Rouge et Noir qui nous aidera mais il y a énormément de qualité chez les receveurs à Calgary- Joe West, Eric Rogers, Anthony Parker, Lemar Durant, Simon Charbonneau-Campeau, Marquay McDaniel et le nouveau venu Greg Wilson qui a bien fait lors du premier match de pré-saison. N'oublions pas que leur ligne défensive est redoutable avec Charleston Hugues, Corey Mace, Eric Taylor, Demonte Bolden, Brandon Boudreaux, DeQuinn Evans et Micah Johnson. HfX a aussi mentionné la ligne défensive de Toronto qui est très forte. Il y aura de bons joueurs qui seront retranchés, un peu comme ici chez les DB.

Seems like Bédard and Sutton are in.

Hefney is saying he made it.

After the first game, I thought that Hefney would make the team,since he had a good game and can play at many positions, including LB; after last night,I thought no.

If indeed Hefney made it, I suppose that Int. DB's Cliff Coleman, Dominique Ellis and Terry Johnson are out. At least 1 of these 3 will be on the practice roster,so I expect.

Happy if Coady and Davidson made it; it is an error that Jean-Maurice Blanc is on roster? If so, I am surprised but happy for him. If Blanc is in, at least 1 and as many as 2 of Beaulieu,Voly and Zaleski will be out.

News of Nat. WR Alex Charette? If he is released, I expect Hamilton to sign him.

As I and other have written, we hope that the Als keep their 4 QB's. As was said, 1 could be on injured list. Another possibility, for a short time, would be: Usually the Als have 24 Int. and 22 Nat. on 46 active roster; 23 Int. and 21 Nat. do dress for the games. On a few occasions, they had 25 Int. and 21 Nat. 23 Int. and 21 Nat. dressed. They could go with 25 Int,including 4 QB's, and 21 Nat. 23 Int., incl. 3 QB's, and 21 Nat. would dress.

Stay tuned!


Richard it`s CA Sinotte of TVA Sports that is saying Blanc, Coady and Davidson have made the team.