Final Cuts And Roster Moves

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15 rookies on the roster as of today. 25 imports and 21 non-imports on 46-man roster.

No Hinds means that Bucknor will likely start next Friday. Also no Peach, so our starting ends could be Crable and Boudreaux. :expressionless:

Good to see Hage isn't on the injured list. That would be huge to have him starting week 1.

Looks like the Alex Joseph LB back to the 'Cats (as reported by Drew Edwards) after being released last week also hasn't come to fruition as of yet. Early questions are: Who will they start at safety Webb or Ray? What three imports will be on the four-man reserve list for game 1. Lots of interesting combinations with which to work from.

Anyone know if signing a PR agreement makes a (still college eligible) player ineligible to return to college ball?
If it doesn’t, that may be the plan for any of Medeiros, Brescacin and Jean-Mary in the days or weeks ahead.
The way the Active Roster and Practice Roster look today could still change between now and Thursday.

They are still eligible to play college ball as long as they don't dress for a CFL game. They could potentially keep these players on the practice roster all summer and then decide what to do with them when school starts in September.

Thanks mp. I thought that might be the rule and the Cats are making good use of it. Until the time when a PR spot is needed to try out somebody new, the NIP eligibles continue to get pro coaching and practice experience.