Final cutdown.

Hi everyone, as you see I’m new. I’m a Boise State fan and I’m following TJ Acree. I was wondering if the CFL has had it’s final cutdown yet, if not does anybody know when it is?

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

i believe final cuts have to be done by the end of today…i’m not positive but i think i heard that somewhere

Teams must submit a final 40 man roster by 2:00 pm mountain today.

Acree was among the final 10 cuts today. Receiver Nathan Beveridge was also cut. Newcomers who made the roster at receiver are Tony Simmons and Jerel Myers. Here’s the official roster:

Thanks for the info.

The Lions have added Acree to their five-man practice roster so he’ll get to stick with the team.

Jerel Meyers maybe the “sleeper” of the keepers. (Hmmm I made a rhymn)

I think his speed on kick returns (if they keep him there) maybe a big asset.