Final CFL Scouting Bureau rankings

Rank Name Position School Hometown
1 (2) David Onyemata DL Manitoba Lagos, Nigeria
2 (1) Tevaun Smith WR Iowa Toronto
3 (4) Mehdi Abdesmad DL Boston College Montreal
4 (5) Arjen Colquhoun DB Michigan St. Windsor, Ont.
5 (3) Josiah St. John OL Oklahoma Toronto
6 (6) Charles Vaillancourt OL Laval Coaticook, Que.
7 (-) Alex Singleton LB Montana St. Thousand Oaks, Calif.
8 (8) Trent Corney DL Virginia Brockville, Ont.
9 (13) Philippe Gagnon OL Laval L’Ancienne-Lorette, Que.
10 (18) Brian Jones WR Acadia Enfield, N.S.
11 (9) Taylor Loffler DB UBC Kelowna, B.C.
12 (12) Juwan Brescacin WR Northern Illinois Mississauga, Ont.
13 (7) Mercer Timmis RB Calgary Burlington, Ont.
14 (11) Dillon Guy OL Buffalo Hamilton, Ont.
15 (15) Anthony Thompson DB Southern Illinois Montreal
16 (-) Michael Couture OL Simon Fraser Burnaby, B.C.
17 (14) Jason Lauzon-Seguin OL Laval Pointe-Claire, Que.
18 (16) Elie Bouka DB Calgary Laval, Que.
19 (17) Llevi Noel WR Toronto Toronto
20 (19) Doug Corby WR Queens Burlington, Ont.

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Interesting that half of these guys are out of the NCAA. NCAA scouts obviously scouting Canadian high schools.
Only 1 linebacker.

Wow, there’s a revelation!

Brian Jones will be the steal of the draft. Remember how good Jason Clermont was before he got hurt (a real ratio changer), I think Jones has that potential.

Unfortunately for the CFL fans,but good for these players, some of the best will either be drafted or sign as free agent with the NFL. The ones that come to mind are: Onyemata,Smith,Adbesmad,Colquhoun,St.John, Vaillancourt and Corney. Mind you, not all will remain in the NFL,but we may have to wait before they come to the CFL,particularly the top 3.


Tell ya the truth, i think the guy who might stick in the NFL is the guy from the CIS school, Onyemata. They love his measurables and he came up big in the Shrine game, when people were watching, against good competition. Corney is also kinda interesting. But for the CFL draft, I like Jones, he can run by ya or run over ya.

You would think that the CFL would wait until after the NFL draft to release their rankings as the NFL draft has so much bearing on our top 20 picks.
The NFL draft is this Thursday and ends Saturday, a one week delay on this CFL release would be much more accurate

Rankings of the CFL rookies/ players are not based on have nothing to do with the NFL draft. What would have changed had the rankings be only next Tuesday? Myself, I was expecting the rankings before the NFL draft. NFL scouts don't need the present rankings to determine if a player is good.


These rankings are kind of funny. They are submitted by the teams. Most of them submit their list to throw off the rest of the teams. It is reflected by the top six who are already targeted by the NFL. (futures).

You can basically start the draft with the sixth ranked player....giid on the CFL to stop handing scouting info to the NFL and setting themselves up for dinner to the agents.

The CFL Scouting Bureau is not put out for the NFL scouts, it is put out by the CFL for the general public that has never seen these players, to get an idea of their ranking in the draft on the CFL draft day.
If any of those top 6 players get drafted by the NFL, of course their standings will drop. so posting the rankings after the NFL draft would change that ranking order, just as a poor or great Combine has affected players in their rankings now.

Combine has affected players in their rankings based on their performance.

If players listed on the present rankings are selected by NFL teams, it will not change a bit how they are or were ranked or valued; yes, they could be drafted in later rounds but their rankings won't change.


Onyemata drafted in the 4th round by the Saints, 120th overall

A few more signed as free agents.

WR Tevaun Smith with Ind. Colts.
DB Elia Bouka with the Arizona Cardinals.
DE Mehdi Abdesmad with Tenn. Titans.

OG Charles Vaillancourt has been invited to rookie camps of New York Giants and Oakland Raiders


We might as well throw these rankings in the trash can and do a total re-ranking because of right now half of this list(10 players) it would appear are heading to the NFL to try their luck first either by being drafted/signed/invited to an NFL camp. It looks like we will be drafting the leftovers and scraps for now or drafting some of these guys strictly as futures depending on how it works out for them down south.

Here is the list/ranking and where they are heading

#1.....David Onyemata-DL..............Drafted 4th round.....New Orleans
#2.....Tevaugn Smith-WR................Signed by Indianapolis
#3.....Medhi Abdesmad-DL............Signed by Tennessee
#4.....Arjen Colquhoun-DB.............Signed by Dallas
#6.....Charles Vaillencourt-OL........Signed by NY Giants(mini camp)
#7.....Alex Singleton-LB..................Signed by New England(mini camp)
#11...Tyler Loffler-DB.....................Signed by NY Giants(mini camp)
#13...Mercer Timmis-RB................Signed by NY Giants(mini camp)
#18...Elie Bouka-DB.......................Signed by Arizona
#20..Doug Corby-WR.....................Signed by NY Giants(mini camp)
NR...Brandon Revenberg-OL........Signed by NY Giants (mini camp)

Here is the link to Justin Dunks list and breakdown:

[url=] ... live-blog/[/url]

The players who were signed as free agents may not return to a CFL team for months, but the ones attending mini-camp-almost exclusively with New York Giants- may be released from mini-camps this week.


I agree. Giants did the same thing last year.

Onyemata may never sign a CFL contract (makes him a late round pick)

Those who signed a FA contract have got to be looked at as 2 year futures, some may come back early som may be gone four years. That makes them mid-round picks

Those who are at mini-camps like the giants might drop a few ranks but teams won't be overly concerned and there will be another half a dozen who's agents beg their way to getting their client a mini-camp invite.

One that is more nebulous is Singleton the fake Canadian. He has a different experience background and the Patriots have been masters at turning these obscure prospects into players.

Thanks to Richard and Bobo for their well thought out material.

NY Giants mini-camp will be held May 6-8. I don't expect any Canadian player to remain/make it.


Justin Dunk
Canadian K/P Quinn van Gylswyk has accepted #NYGiants mini-camp invite. #NYG #Giants #NFL #CIS

RT .@JDunk12
Canadian OL Philippe Gagnon has accepted #NYGiants mini-camp invite. #NYG #Giants #NFL #CIS #CFL #CFLDraft

Giants did the same last year, invited a bunch of CIS types to the rookie camp. Number stands at 8 players for the Giants alone. If someone makes it good for them, if not it’s a good learning experience. It would be surprising if more than one or two guys got an invite to main camp, even then the invite is no guarantee as a lot can change over the course of the summer before camps actually start in the NFL.

list of NFL rookie camp invites can be found here -

But again, this is another reason why the CFL draft should stay put and not move ahead of the NFL draft like some have proposed in other forums. It would be pointless to have the CFL draft precede the NFL one anymore with how much cross border shopping they are doing these days.

I agree. Moving it closer to camp was wise and I'd move it closer by another week.