Final 4 Flip

The final 4 this year were the bottom 4 last year.....and vice returnees to conference finals...that's gotta be a first!

Great observation! (Are you taking credit, or did you hear it somewhere?)

Really speaks to the parity in the league.

I figured it out all by myself :rockin: has to be a first...

OK, I'll throw in another random (and original) observation.

Ticats have the best record in Grey Cup games played at BC Place.

Since the stadium opened in 1983, there have been 7 Cups played there. Hamilton is 2-0 (1986, 1999) - i.e. perfect. Edmonton is 2-2, so only .500. Other teams have only won once: Toronto, Winnipeg, and BC. BC and Toronto have also lost there, as have Montreal and Baltimore (the latter two sort of being the same team - not that they will be a factor this year - ha!).

Works for me!!

2011 Grey Cup Champion Hamilton Tiger Cats.. has a nice ring to it