Final 3 minutes-- Lions need to get better--

It was a great effort today by BC- As much as I was a big critic of this team, I must say they played HARD with heart, showed up, made tackles, made good calls on offense, and decent calls on Defense—

I don’t know what it is with short yardage and that final 3 minutes, but BC many times has the lead late in the game, and does not capatalize and run the clock out. They actually called a good play with the JJ naked qb roll out, then became predictable and gave it to Mallet who was stopped. You knew right there it was over as MTL would score a td on their last possession—

This is not the first time that BC has blown the lead late in the games, they have to get better at getting that clutch first down to win games late–

Issues with the Team- Buono yelling at players, this is not working, Banks was upset after Buono screamed at him, then Buono attacked Armour also—

Defense played well for the most part with their ZONE defense, but there are drives that are way too easy vs BC. One that comes to mind was the last drive of the first half where they almost were alllowing montreal to get the fgoal…

Dante Marsh-- He is quick, but the issue with him is that anybody who knows how to run a pattern can beat him, I think a good receiver like Watkins would beat Marsh pretty much 90 times out of 100 on any good move. Marsh is the easiest corner to run any good move with a head fake or come back route-- It reminds me of the days that Dominguez used to abuse him–

Busted Coverage-- Once again I must say BENEVIDES coaches very scared- BC was doing great on D, was stopping calvillo no problem and then all of a sudden there is the busted coverage-- That is not on the DB, its on BENEVIDES< he has to call a better Defense, what ever he called confused BC and no one was on Watkins–

Vs Winnipeg and vs Montreal last game, there was numerous busted coverages also-- Its always on the corner and its a joke–

Benevides is a big fan of the PRevent D-- He sits back and the reason BC does well vs MTL is because his style actually works vs calvillo.

Letting the QB run wild- There was times where BC let Calvillo run wild on them-- that is unacceptable–

Offense-- Did well, I like what I see, this can be a top offense, provided they cut Grice Mullen, he cant catch, bottom line–

Overall a good game, but Wally gets paid the big bucks and has all these accolodes and yet continues to screw up at the end of games and LOSE games when he has the ball late with the lead-- He has to find ways to get that first down to win the games-

I would tend to agree with everything posted above.

I see a disturbing pattern of let down in the final minutes - now, Wally has been coaching a few more years than me (which is zero on my part), so I imagine he is more than aware of this.

They say thay Benevides is the Heir Apparent to the head coach postion, but he needs to fix this problem and fast. It is his defence that lost the last game, when it could have been won but for a loss of focus on a single play.