Final 2013 Attendance for every team

Here is the final CFL attendance numbers for every team! All numbers courtesy

Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Game 4 Game 5 Game 6 Game 7 Game 8 Game 9 2013 Average 2012 Average

BC 25255 26623 26856 29201 30564 27213 37312 24545 27228 2831130356

Calgary 26625 27387 35637 32217 26649 28781 26293 26115 33671 29264 28665

Edmonton 35869 31310 31006 41868 33654 29499 29569 28455 27663 32099 34378

Saskatchewan 35296 37372 40637 44910 36703 39373 35579 34956 32701 37503 32351

Winnipeg 33500 31257 31567 32409 33500 28859 29457 28869 26316 30637 27981

Hamilton 12612 13085 13002 13138 13101 15123 13248 13362 13012 13298 25724

Toronto 29852 18211 20064 19656 21157 18863 28467 18478 22589 21926 23663

Montreal 22134 23184 23021 22068 22465 23911 24016 22853 23390 23005 22467

Grand Total of fans: 1944388
CFL: 2013 Average attendance - 27005
2012 Average Attendance - 28198

Considering Hamilton played in a school yard. That's pretty phenomenal. Next year will be Up :lol:

What will Ottawa'a capavity be for next year ? As for Hamilton , will they be able to make a profit at 22 500 capacity ?

Oh fear not ! They will make money if they have to conduct cavity searches and charge 10 bucks for a beer... :smiley:

I am pretty sure the league was stuck with the ESF game next week too. Probably the first playoff game in the CFL not purchased by a team in a long time. But they won't talk about that.

As far as I know both Hamilton and Ottawa are both going to be around 24,000 capacity (this includes permanent seats plus end zone terraces, berm sitting, standing room).

The esf game should have been moved to a larger venue (sky dome) or Montreal by default. A lot of money is being lost and I'm sure we will never hear how much of a bath the Ti cats took this year !

I feel like I need to give a shout out to the Eskimo and Bomber fans, impressive that they finished #2 and #3 in attendance with a terrible product on the field. Quite disappointed in Calgary, can't crack 30k with the top team in the league.

Grey Cup Chumps dropped almost 2000, Brutal :thdn:

The capacity for the Tiger-Cats games will be approximately 24,000 with 80% of the fixed stadium seats located between the goal lines.

Not that I want to make excuses for Toronto, but with the dates Rogers made available to them this season e.g. Tuesday & Thursday night games, I'm pretty sure they'd be up from last season if they had more Friday night and weekend games.

Just another example of why Chris rudge needs to get fired ASAP! Argo attendance was a joke this year and I guarantee you that they lead the league in giving away free tickets as well. Grey cup champs from last year ,clinched first place in the eastern division , star players on the team from every position! And yet Chris idiot rudge can't do his job proper. Rudge likes to sit around all day and complain how the Argos are not "big time" enough for toronto!

Really, the CFL can exist quite fine without the Argos and everyone and their brother knows it. Get with the program 1991. C & S asked for compensation from Saskatchewan. What a joke, the Argos don't even deserve to exist IMHO. :stuck_out_tongue:

:thup: to Edmonton and Winnipeg.

Have to agree, we need to do a better job here in Calgary.

The team has said that they need to sellout every game at an average ticket price of $50 to break even. But that was before the new TV deal was signed, so who knows what they need to make now (obviously, it's less).

I can't speak for any other playoff game, but I know the 2009 East Semi between the Lions and Ti-Cats was not purchased by the team. You can tell because the ads around the stadium are all league sponsors, not team sponsors.

Much like Winnipeg the sale of the new suites should be very high and generate a stream of new and regular revenue that they did not have at the old stadium. The Riders the same thing. They invested 17 million in renos in 2012 which included better end zone seating as suites at the top of those seats.

yawn :roll: wow never thought you'd ever talk about Chris Rudge

TiCat season seat holder here. I have seats for next year because they guaranteed the same price as this year. However, the year after I fully expect to be priced out of my seats in 2015 as prices will certainly rise significantly. Oh well, they will be making money from somebody else.

There is a limit to what market will bare. If they are too greedy, they may sell your seats to fans who want to be there because it will be the trendy thing in Hamilton for a couple years but long term its not a smart move. I think you will see end zone seats being added in short order. It makes no sense to have 26 000 paying fans and lockout 5000 of them.

I don't strip down for just anybody. :stuck_out_tongue:

:? :oops: :P