Film Study is the Key to Beating Calgary

The Lions face a huge test facing Calgary in Calgary. Calgary has had our number for the past few seasons. Huffnagel owns Wally Buono but that was largely due to the fact we had no pass rush to speak of and also we were breaking in LULAY as a starting QB--

Bc is starting to come around now and the roster is starting to gel.

The key to winning this game will be on defense--- Every team that has beaten CALGARY has essentially beaten them the exact same way. You have to study CALGARY well and take the QB's initial looks away and force BURRIS into a thinking QB.

I have studied quarterbacks for years in CFL, College, NFl and can tell you that there is no worse THINKING QB in professional football than Henry Burris. This man just cannot read a ZONE DEFENSE-- Burris owns the single worst QB rating in NFL history after starting for the Chicago Bears vs the Tampa Bay Bucs.

In all 3 losses Toronto and Edmonton twice took away the quick passes and looks and had a good pass rush and FORCED BURRIS to stand in the pocket and be a drop back passer and READ the defense..

Henry Burris even after playing many years of PRO FOOTBALL still has no clue how to read coverages and cannot anticipate routes and is definitely one of the most inaccurate QB's playing football today. Burris stares right where he is throwing the ball, he does not know how to look off, does not know how to go through progressions .. Burris is lucky that former NEW YORK GIANTS offensive coordinator John Huffnagel is his head coach-- Huffnagel makes the offense DUMBY proof, even with the great HUFFNAGEL calling the plays Burris still has not improved at all and still cannot read a defense---

I feel that this BC defense can shut down BURRIS. This is simply not a THINKING QB- This is an athlete playing QB, you give him lots of ZONE LOOKS with a pass rush he CANNOT DO IT. He simply is not capable of doing it.

I believe if we take the little dump off passes to CORNISH who is explosive and possibly one of the most underrated canadians playing. The former Kansas Jayhawk is really fast, he has NFL speed, he played in the BIG 12 vs competions like TEXAS and TEXAS A and M and NEBRASKA.

Offensively after i visited the Lions practice before the game in Edmonton and spoke with LULAY and offered him some words of encouragement, the man has played sensational. I have seen the type of things that i rate highly in ELITE quaterbacks-

-Stepping into the Throws- Excellent mechanics exhibited lately- It wasnt just 3 games ago where LULAY's arm strength was being questioned. Those concerns have been mitigated by the recent solid fundamentals exhibited by Lulay.
-Making faster decisions- Lulay's decision making has been both faster and better. He has successfully identified the MAN TO MAN matchups and went to them at the right times. Lulay is even throwing the deep balls with much better footwork and arm follow through. If you notice carefully when Travis is off target his arm movement is not smooth and it is more of a JERKY movement. Lulay on his deep balls has stepped back and arched his shoulder and let a long arm motion and the balls are finally on target.
-Confidence in the huddle- He is becoming a legitimiate FIELD General. Respect comes with progession.
-Throwing on the RUN- Lulay is accurate on the run, which he was not in the past 1.5 seasons here. Travis is very quick as a QB< you would actually be surprised to know that Travis would likely be clearly faster than any fast local fast athletes.
Travis can be lethal on the run--

I am excited with this group of receivers, this group is extremely talented and can legitimately so it has all 4 starters that could be or have had NFL possibilities. Arland Bruce was a late cut of the 49'ers. Geroy Simon was a training camp cut of Tampa Bay Bucanners. Sean Gore was a cut of the Greey Bay Packers. Akeem Foster has the size to play in the NFL, he might not be quick enough to excel in the NFL, but does anyone think that AKeem FOSTER is essentially PLEXICO BURRESS? They are the same height, same weight, Foster is actually quicker, same bodies, same type of hands on the deep balls?
From the moment I laid eyes on FOSTER at training camp I was thinking this guy has a NFL BODY, and should be playing in the NFL-- Akeem Foster is what the NFL SCOUTS wanted in ANDY FANTUZ who was coveted by NFL SCOUTS. Foster is what they wanted, a FANTUZ body with SPEED and more athleticism. Expect Foster to get some NFL attention as he has the body to play in the NFl with the rules limiting contact and his hands and HEIGHT--

I find the key to beating CGY is handling their pass rush. If you can contain their pass rush there will be passing opportuinities.

Calgary seems to win when the opposing QB is throwing 5 yard passes underneath and they swarm to make the tackles. Calgary did that to Edmontons RICKY RAY in Commonwealth- They give you no time to look downfield.

The teams that beat Calgary take more passing routes 10-15 yards downfield. Toronto, Edmonton both completed deeper passes on CGY- 15 yards and some 40' yard passes are available vs CALGARY--

I'm not going to say Calgary is vulnerable deep but what I will say is that as a QB there will be good opportunites to beat Calgary on the deep ball. Calgary is not great at defending 10-15 yard passes..

What would be great is if we gave CGY a dose of their own mediicine and LULAY ran around the pocket buying time and scrambling to extend plays--- This will be great with our great receivers, if Lulay can scramble I would expect that at least 2 of our wide receivers would be Completely open and we would get an easy 20-40 yard completion on a LULAY scramble. Getting outside the pocket could result in a HUGE PLAY FOR BC-- Travis has to sense when the D lineman are tired and just OUTWILL them and run around and tire them out- He has to use his LEGS to win a game for us- VS CALGARY you will have to RUN at least twice and make first downs. That is needed to beat CALGARY--

Defensively we need a PASS RUSH and stop the RUN-- PLAY ZONE BEHIND IT and I PREDICT WE INTERCEPT BURRIS AT LEAT 3 times IF WE CAN DO THIS-- Defense is really simple- PASS RUSH and ZONE-- BEats BURRIS every single time-- Calgary has very few timing routes on their offense so their offense is not that effective vs a ZONE DEFENSE-- They rely on outscheming the other team by calling the right plays vs the right defenses--

I think if we dont turnover the ball and do the things I mentioned above we should beat them.

Excellent appraisal Gridiron. You said if we can protect against the pass rush to give Lulay a little more time. The Lions are beginning to gel but the O Line remains suspect. It remains the achilles heel and unless it raises the bar I'll continue biting my nails every time Lulay takes the snap.

"Field General" is an excellent choice of title. Travis is developing into a great QB who displays excellent athleticism and intelligence. Go back to last season and it would not take much to rattle his cage. He would panic and either fumble or throw an interception. This is just not happening any longer. Bruce is proving the skeptics wrong every time he's on the field. As you say Foster is fabulous. I just hope we don't lose him to the NFL.

There is a lot riding on the game against Calgary. Beat Calgary and it will muzzle the skeptics who continue to say that the only reason the Lions are riding a 3 game winning streak is because they played an inferior team [Toronto] and an injured team [Edmonton]. If the Lions can knock off the Stamps and the Roughies it will set the stage for a very exciting showdown between Rick Ray's Eskies and the Lions on opening night in B.C. Place on September 30!

film study is the worst thing you can do. stick with old time football and beat'em in the alley. who cares about the rest.

So lets see... If our 'big guys' outplay their 'big guys' we win, if not then we lose. Football is not a complicated game.

Wouldn't mind seeing Mitchell doing the 'Hunt' dance again this week too. Those two have got moves!

don't forget the soccer thing where you dribble the football past the other teams bench after you dogpile their qb. blow the man down.