Film Project Looking For BC Lions Fans & Gear

Hey Lions fans. I'm a member of a group of young Vancouver videographers who will be filming a short piece about the BC Lions in the next week or so. We intend to showcase the Lions at their training facility in Surrey, as well as film some shots outside of BC Place. We are looking to borrow a few jerseys, helmets, or anything BC Lions related for a few hours. You are welcome to join us for the shoot to keep an eye on your gear if you'd like. Also, if you would like to be filmed dressed in your fan gear, we can arrange for the material to be incorporated into the cut.

If you are interested in helping us out, please contact Matt Anderson at



Well, you wanna meet before the game to shoot my huge NOISE! banner? 4 pm? Before the street party? Whereabouts? Terry Fox Plaza?

Next time you film guys post on here, show some genuine interest in what you're doing. I offered to show you my NOISE! banner outside the Stadium and didn't appreciate the half-ass attitude.