Filling Wally's shoes

Can’t imagine Ed Hervey has not given some thought to whom he might select for his new coach given he has had a year to ponder. Would think lists have been made. I am expecting a good choice.

Maybe they could get Wally to wear a bag over his head and come back one more time as a mystery coach. Keep the fans guessing. They would have to lay off running it up the gut for a bit.

Dave Dickenson?? and at QB from the evil empire… what’s his name… MIKE SOMEBODY… would be a grey up year one

Well stranger things have happened in the CFL but Dickenson leaving Calgary…lol

I doubt dickinson will he probobly makes good money in Calgary, what about geroy Simon, he sbeen around Wally for years and knows he’s style, or get Travis lullay to retire and coach, or Ricky Ray, I just hope he dosnt choose someone old, he got a bit of choosing to do but I hope we’ll know soon

How about Paul LaPolice? Both Saskatchewan and Winnipeg have had good results from him as offensive coordinator.

Like him or not Wally will be missed.

One of my favorite memories is the way he would get after a player on the sideline after they did something he didn’t like. It would be an understatement to say he did not communicate his message clearly.

Jordan Herdman will know what I am talking about after he was flagged on a borderline out of bounds contact play at a critical point in a game shortly after he took over from Sol E.

Travis Lulay is another who knows that Wally and good on him for barking back.

Passionate guys. I don’t think it hurt the team