Fill in the Blank

Bring (ex player of choice from either league) to Hamilton

I choose BO


Barry Sanders

Red Grange :lol: :lol:

oh how I miss that guy, sigh

Ricky Williams

Oh....wait a minute

Andy Petek :wink:

Steve Worster

Andy Hopkins

How about Joe Theisman, he hates the Argos now.

:thup: :D

Rosie Greer

a) John Elway

b) Walter "Sweetness" Payton

Honourable mention to Tom Clements.

Leon Mcquay

Bring back Joe Zuger.

We get a guy who can pass 50 yarders and a great punter - all in one.

Remember Joe? The guy you loved to hate while Hamilton won football games.

October 15, 1962
JOE ZUGER throws for a League record eight touchdowns as Hamilton defeats Saskatchewan 67-21. He also holds CFL record of 45.5 yards per punt over ten seasons, and a Club record for most Career Punts.

Terrel Owens

Zinedine Zidane. He'd make one hell of a middle linebacker! :wink:

dewayne jett

dewayne jett
No...not Mr. Offside himself.

I still have the 84 Grey Cup on tape. A nightmare every time.

William The Refrigerator Perry!

I'm pretty sure that would be Ozzie

Ray Lewis