Fighting the Off Season Blues

What's your technique?

Do you just wait it out?

Do you hide in a closet?

Darlin Husband is looking for ideas - probably hoping to curb my need to redecorate this entire house (which really translates into a lot of US shopping followed by ME pointing, instructing and watching HIM work). But.... it does help stop me from moping around and looking ugly and burning everything I cook.

What do you do to keep the Off Season Blues away?

Usually I just sit in the tv room, watch NFL and drink a lot!

I’m actually just really grouchy,but then I’m that way most of the football season too. I think I’ll try Matelot’s method.

My off season blues are just about over, basketball starts in one week.

At least we can all pretend we have a Grey cup team on paper like last off season, and gawk at every little move Marcel pulls off.

Blues????Its Hockey time!Try to forget about this years embarrassing ticats!

It's still football season.
I can't be bothered paying attention to hockey until mid-January or February when football winds down.

Hockey doesn't start until June.

The CFL off-season is always a long one!

Of course, there's still four weeks to go before that one.

I get through by watching the odd NFL game here and there, go to a Bulldogs game or two.

Exciting football to watch on TV in the offseason is rugby (Super 14) and Aussies Rules (starts in March).

But what if you don't like NFL or basketball? Sure...I'll watch the World Series for now (along with the remainder of the CFL). And I've drifted away from hockey. I still root for the Habs but ever since the 70's (now THAT was a dynasty)...meh! They're overpaid and too many US southern teams.

And what's worse...Prime (or whatever that TV station is now called) has stopped running MASH repeats. I could have watched those over and over and over ad infinitum. (In fact...I think I did).

I hear War & Peace can be a bit of a time-killer.

or you can watch this movie

What off season blues? I will be watching first class quality football in the NFL. I am a fan of the CFL but our bush league will never measure up to the NFL.

"Berlin Alexanderplatz" -- 15.5 hours. :wink:

You're welcome. LMAO

Oski Wee Wee,

For those of you who cannot consume 15.5 hours worth of popcorn at a sitting watching Fassbinder, may I recommend getting hold of a Madden 2K4-2K7 PC version game and playing my all-Ticats team LOL...

Actually, I would love to get the NFL Network here, but I have no access to it. Between mid-February and May traning camp is difficult re the need for a football fix. Arena Football is somewhat interesting to me, but I definitely prefer the outdoor variety.

Oski Wee Wee,

Watch the Cowboys until playoff time. Terrell Owens antics beat any entertainment TV program.
Then it will be the Super Bowl...and by that time we should have lots of Tiger Cat news and signings to talk about until training camp.


NFL until Feb. Good part of the Hockey season until June. Training camp. Like I said in early post, lots of beer.

War & Peace doesn't take all that long to read if you just look for the "naughty bits' :wink:

Thank god for NFL Network..
I go Nuts with out football..

best time of year....we cant lose!

i drive by Ivor Wyne and wonder what I'll be saying after the first home game on my way out ( seems to be alot of," man that was terrible" that last couple of years)

The best way to fight the blues is to watch this, enjoy.

They have a bunch more of these links at the cfl main forum if anyone is interested, some aren't so good, but the Belli one is worth watching.