Fighter Jet fly over!!

I don't know if you guys remember a couple years ago but it was one of the final games of the season against Montreal, and it was a night game (7:30 I think). Anyway, we had the most spectacular fly over EVER!!! That fighter jet came down and roared across the sky with the after burners blazing and all!!! It was quite an amazing feeling that got and all the fans to there feet, pumped up and ready for the game!!!
I knew at that moment, we were winning that game!! And we did 40-3!!
This is what we want and all due respect for out heritage planes....its Just not the same :expressionless:
But what am I talkin about..... We have nothing like at all now!! :?

That was the single most exhilarating, thrilling and memorable non-football game day event I've ever experienced at IWS in the 4+ decades I've been attending games.

I think you will see something for the Labour Day game. The fighters and the Vintage a/c will be in the area for the CNE air show which will be going on at the same time as the game.

8) Gotta agree with you "Captain".
  The best non football game day event i've seen in my 5 decades of attending TiCat games !!!

  The Mac Cheerleaders would have to be second though !!!    <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->  <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

Thanks Tipper and Capt. This is what I'm talkin about and I know all the the fans in attendance will agree with us too!! And if my memory serves me correctly, it went over twice. Was absolutley fantastic :rockin:
Mr. Mitchell and Caretaker.... you want to give us a memorable game day experience for us fans.... give us those JETS!!! :thup:

Everyone reply with a :thup: if you agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm pretty sure it's not as easy as just placing a call and ordering a flyover. It's the Royal Canadian Air Force, not Bucky's Skywriting Inc.

..Here is the excellent Facebook page of the Canadian Forces CF-18 Demonstration Team.!/CF18Demo

If you go to the "photos" you'll notice one of the fighter jets is decorated with a northern theme. The 13 unique snowflakes represent the 13 unique provinces and territories as well as the 13 air force wings across Canada.

The public affairs officer for the Demo team told me at the Hamilton Air Show that she is a fanatical CFL fan (Winnipeg Blue Bombers) and her goal is to take a player from each CFL team for thrilling ride of their lives at some point this year in celebration of the 100th Grey Cup.

I suspect that 300 lb linemen need not put their hands up's a bit of a tight squeeze in the rear seat

(hopefully, the Tiger-Cats and her will get something arranged before the season ends ...she tried around the time of the Hamilton Air Show but scheduling and training camp got in the vote is for Chris Williams to do the honours of tossing his cookies for the city and the team....hahaha :stuck_out_tongue: )

Fighter jet flyovers are for sure a rush ..especially since it is not a sight you see very often in Hamilton.
Now that i live in a Navy town and live pretty close to a naval air station i see them almost daily now the thrill has worn off especially when i am just getting into a movie or having a phone conversation and all of a sudden RRRROOOAAAAAARRR as 2 or 3 go rushing past overhead .. but there are still some highlights when a stealth was circling around and never having saw one flying before it was interesting ... and yesterday i got to see Air Force One flying past but i purposely went out just to see it . The thrill was the Plane i didn't give a rats behind that Obama was on it.

The Lancaster is an incredible piece of history but there sure is a different feeling when you see that flying and when you see hear and feel a fighter ROAR past especially since the fighters are more rare to see

It was pretty cool. My boyfriend absolutely loved it. :lol:

Here's some flyover trivia: in the 2009 Labour Day flyover ,the CF-18 pilot was Capt. Tim "Donor" Woods, native of Dundas and a Tiger-Cat fan.

Just a different viewpoint but while the CF18 gets me pumped up it can't compare to the Lancaster for me. I get shivers when the Lanc flies over, 424 Tiger Squadron (City of Hamilton) flew the Halifax and then the Lancaster in the Second World War. There's a squadron insignia over the bar in the Ticat's Alumni room. The Lancaster is dedicated to Victoria Cross winner Andrew Mynarski his story chokes me up to hear it. Http://

Yes, I saw the Lanc yesterday flying around the Hamilton area. Had to go to Mt Hope and visit a relative and it was landing at the airport, on the way back it was parked outside of the Museum.
It's fantastic that they let people fly in it. The other Lanc is owned and operated by the RAF and no civilian gets to fly in it.
The $2500 to fly in it for an hour barely pays for the cost of fuel, but not many people could say they few in a Lancaster and it helps keep it going.

I'm sure if a few thousand Ticat fans contributed say $1 each, the CWH would do a flypast with the Lanc. Maybe a CWH volunteer could be at the stadium entrance with a sign "support the CWH and contribute to our flypasts"
Not only would it raise awareness about the CWH, but also let people know that the Lanc can't fly and do flypasts without financial support from the public.

Great post Mike !

ps...the Warplane Heritage Museum doesn't want anyone to pay for the gas as a contingency to fly over the football games.....ever !

It comes from their normal donation pool and always has..... and is part of their on-going education program and mandate to let Canadians see the planes in the air (where they belong)......absolutely no cost to the general public --- not even a Government grant.......the Ticats games fly-overs were a gift to you and other fans with NO STRINGS ATTACHED....a community
responsibility as they saw it

Yes, I agree. But someone has to pay for the gas. When the CWH absorbs the cost when they do flyovers it is money that could be spent elsewhere like operating the museum or the preservation of one of their vintage aircraft, buying new aircraft, spares etc. Having the aircraft flyover is good advertising for the CWH and maybe when people see the aircraft people will want to go and see them up close.
I know when the RCAF does the CF-18 flypasts and when they do the airshows, it's part of showing the public our military and as part of recruiting they can say this is what you can maybe fly and work on if you join the military.

@ Mikem...

You are bang on !

Since they are a total non-profit with no other funding except memberships, visitors, outright donations of time, money, expertise, merchandise and now the Air Show, they still want to reward supporters and the community with the thrill of being able to see the planes fly. This is what all the volunteers want to see after. "Bringing history alive", as their motto goes.

25,000 fans at Ivor Wynne, all in one place, deserve to see them in my opinion. In theory, history belongs to ALL of us.

We are so blessed to have so much history at out finger-tips and many times, over our very heads when we look up.


(Go Cats !)